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Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk

Payday Loans

A payday loan is a small short term loan which is generally taken out to cover an unforeseen circumstance. A payday loan is usually paid back on the borrower's next pay date. Typically you can borrow from £100 up to £1000. With them, you would typically borrow a small amount of money and repay the loan (and interest) on your next pay date.

More About Our Loans

Payday loans are an amount you borrow for a short term. Typically, this is until you receive your next employment pay cheque, which is why it is termed a "payday loan". They have advantages and disadvantages, depending on your particular circumstances. They are an option for addressing short term crisis where you need cash but are unable to obtain it in any other way. They are a poor solution if you are intending to borrow long term. The fees associated with this type of lending are high enough to make it not a good option.

payday loans

The Solution for Instant Loans

If you need to borrow in a very short timeframe, small loan lenders are a solution. Banks typically do not process applications quickly. Some people have friends and family who can get them through tough financial situations. If you need an instant loan to take care of an immediate bill, getting a short term loan from payday lenders could be the answer. Quick loans and faster payments are available from payday lenders when you qualify for their lending criteria. For more information read below.

If you live in the UK and are in a crunch financially, try a payday loan. They are convenient, you can apply with mobile phones. When faced with a bill that must be paid by a certain date, get a short-term loan from a payday lender company, especially if you have bad credit. Payday lenders require that you comply with lending criteria, such as being employed, to qualify you for borrowing. For more information read below. We are committed to responsible lending and data protection (see our privacy policy). As a warning late repayment can cause you serious money problems, if you do not resolve the amount before the repayment date. Submit your applications by clicking on the "apply" button above.

Payday Loans UK

Payday Loans UKLowest Possible UK Rates
Pay Day LoansBorrow £50 – £2,000
Instant Payday Loans15 Minute Cash Transfers
Short Term Loans3 Fixed Monthly Payments
Payday Loans Online5 Minute Online Application
No Credit Check LoansNo Credit Footprint

Online Pay Day Loans in the UK

There is a great convenience available when searching for a payday loan online. Quite simply, you can have money wired to your bank account from your home by applying online. The application process is easy. This saves travel time and expenses associated with visiting a brick-and-mortar physical location to borrow money. It also allows for a greater selection of offers, as there are more opportunities online than there likely are in your local community. This lets you get the APR interest down, by comparing lenders and selecting the offer that is best for you. Apply today for instant loan decisions. Be certain to repay on time as to not affect your credit badly, as people who do not repay their loans by the pay date could experience money problems.

payday loans UK

Here is our top content for related pages on our website. Here we discuss the many articles where you can learn more about getting fast cash.

  • No Credit Check Payday Loans Direct Lender

    By law, all lending companies must perform a credit check before lending. This goes for all lenders operating in the UK. While this may seem unfortunate for those seeking to borrow but having a poor credit history, there are some companies (such as ours) which cater to people who have low credit scores. Your best bet for a "no credit check lender" is to find a lender that puts less emphasis on your credit score and more on your employment status. Read More.

  • New Loan Lenders

    Are you looking for a new loan, or new lender of short term loans? There are many expensive lenders on the market, whose average APR interest rates are far above 1000%, leading many UK residents to search for different companies who have lower interest rates. The key is to compare rates. We can fix you up with a new loan originated online, and it is entirely free to apply. Our quick payday loans application is easy, so receive a new one immediately by applying today. Read More.

  • High Acceptance Lenders

    Getting a Wonga loan obviously isn't guaranteed. I'm sure you can imagine a number of scenarios in which someone applying for one would be denied, whether being currently unemployed or having a current debt to personal loan ratio that suggests they would be unable to pay their bills. You can, however, discern whether a lender approves a larger percentage of applications. These are called high acceptance lenders. We believe this to be an accurate description of our brokering services. We will do our very best to get you the fast cash you need for your current financial crisis. Read More.

  • No Brokers

    There are two types of methods from which you can seek to borrow online, one would be to use the service of a direct lender, and the other is using the services of a broker. Many people search for "no brokers" because they believe that brokers insert themselves between them and the lender, collecting their personal information, potentially causing problems of escalating the amount of time to complete the transaction, as well as elevating the cost because they seek a commission. In the case of our company, we simply forward your application to the lowest lender, with an average APR interest rate of nearly half that of other industry leaders. As you can see above, Wonga is 1261% APR on average (at the time of this posting, June 28 2017), and nearly every other lender is within the same range (Sunny 1291%, Peachy 1255%, QuickQuid 1295%, etc.) We take pride in the fact that we have lenders that will offer, on average, 728% APR. People who borrow at such high interest rates are typically already in a dire financial situation, so it is important that they get a deal that is the least expensive, allowing them to get back on their feet quicker. Read More.

  • Cheap Payday

    Our fees are less expensive than our competition, such as Wonga and Sunny. Check for yourself. Their APR interest rate is far above 1000%, whereas our is much less expensive. Get the best deal by applying today Read More.

  • Guaranteed Payday

    Of course we cannot guarantee lending to everyone. We can, however, let you know that we have a very high acceptance rate. If you are concerned about bad credit or other factors which may prevent you from receiving one, like not having a debit card, we encourage you to apply anyway, perhaps we can work with you! Read More.

  • No Credit Check Loans

    The law requires we check your credit. Any legitimate lender in the UK will also be required to do so. If you are concerned you won't qualify, we encourage you to try. We place a larger emphasis on your work history and current employment than your credit history. Read More.

  • Short Term Loans

    A short term loan can either function as a one-time payoff (such as payday), or as multiple instalments. Traditional bankers need to make it "worth their while" to offer low interest rates, and as such they are mainly interested in lending money that spans decades, usually for large sums of money and typically with collateral that secures their interests. This tendency left a huge demand to borrow for shorter time-spans, for people struggling to pay a particular debt before they receive their next pay cheque. If this describes the situation you are currently in, we likely have a loan that will meet your needs. Read More.

  • 12 Month Loans

    Do you need many months to pay off what you have borrowed? If so, you may be interested in one that spans 12 months. Our lenders have loan terms which span multiple months, even up to a year. Do you need a large sum of cash with an extended period of time to repay it? We likely have products that can satisfy that requirement located at the following link. Read More.

  • 3 Month Instalment Loans

    Interested in a 3 month loan? Whether you need a loan for a week, a month, 3 months or an entire year, we offer solutions. Simply click apply and receive an offer for a lender to lend cash to you, then compare that offer to other industry leaders. We think you will find that our loans are far cheaper when considering APR interest, compared to other lenders, and on top of this we do not charge anything for you to simply apply. Read More.

Some of our lenders offer loans up to £5,000*

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Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk