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Personal Loan for People With Poor Credit

When you have a bad credit, it is difficult to obtain loans with good terms and low interest rates. Howevere, that is now a thing of the past. As times change and lenders move forward, borrowers with poor standing now have a chance to avail the best loan or get emercgency loan today 502 with competetive rates – without any risk of facing skyrocketing interest fees.

Borrow£500 - £5,000
Loan typeShort Term & Long Term
Apply with bad credit?Yes
Interest Rate292% PA

Which Loan Company is Best for Bad Credit?​


Money lenders used to base their decision on the credit score of the borrower to identify whether they are worthy to be approved of loan or not. A weak score usually give the impression that the borrowers are high-risk and they don’t have the capacity to repay the loan on time. With this stereotyping, direct lenders for poor credit installment loans will less likely reject the application of such borrowers. To make things worse, there was no required rating or score that the lenders should follow in the first place for very bad credit loans direct lenders uk 502. Without any criteria, lenders usually create their own and base the worthiness of a borrower from their own perspective. This means that each lender has different set of criteria when proving loans bad credit. Unless you push through your request and submit it to your chosen lender, you’ll never know whether your loan will be rejected or not.

NameAPR RateType
Sunny Loans1,266.0%Direct LenderLending Stream1,333.0%Direct Lender
Wizzcash1,265.0%Direct Lender
QuickQuid1,300.5%Direct Lender
Sunny Loans1,266.0%Direct LenderLending Stream1,333.0%Direct Lender

Borrowers who are asking if they can get a loan even if they have unfavourable ratings now receive a big “YES”. Most individual with poor rating knows the struggle of not being able to qualify for loans from direct lenders 502 with reasonable terms, and most of the time, this unfortunate taint in their credit is not solely their fault. Good thing there are still a lot of lenders that are willing to offer payday loans to people with low scores no guarantor direct loans uk during times of financial emergency. They believe that having a bad credit does not make any borrower a loan risk, and everyone should be given equal access to personal loans especially during tough times. The most popular type of loan offered by this particular group of lenders are short-term guarantor loans and payday loans and there is another alternate loan option available. If you want to know on exactly how much will be approved and about this unique loan scheme, continue reading below.

Who will give loans with bad credit?

Lenders believe that even if a lot of people have low ratings or score, that doesn’t make them risky borrowers. In fact, they should be given equal chance to those with high credit when it comes to getting short term loan. Fortunately, more and more lenders in UK now have this mindset and fully accepts the application from individuals with bad ratings.


To assist borrowers with bad ratings obtain the personal loans that they need, lenders have established an easy and fast application scheme that doesn’t demand for a lot of requirements and time-consuming processes. By utilizing the information that you will give, they can immediately decide if they should approve your application form with the help of their panel of direct lenders. All members of the panel are well-known for offering bad loans to applicants with low credit score. This will help you instantly compare the loans being presented to you, without having to worry about your negative score. As a result, securing a poor credit loans online is extremely easy and convenient. And now that many direct lenders in the UK are jumping into the trend of offering loans for bad credit, the stereotyping and unfair treatment among borrowers with bad rating is finally ended.


Direct lenders that offer loans 502 for poor credit don’t mind your poor score, and you should get used to it. They are more concerned about your present situation, like your employment status, and will most likely approve your loan application by depending on this information instead of your poor credit history. Due to this, it is vital to provide precise information in your application form. Moreover, always take note that a record check is substantial when you apply for a loan. So, make sure that the details you present are accurate since it will greatly increase the chance of your bad credit loan to be approved and speed up the whole procedure.

Who May Apply for a

If it is your first time to apply for loan and your application was rejected by high-end lenders, you’re probably struggling to find a potential lender that can give you the money that you need. Don’t worry because all hope is not lost yet, you may still secure the finance that you need through applying for bad credit loan from direct lenders.

Though you don’t have full assurance that your application will be accepted, you have a pretty high chance, even if you have a poor score. Don’t be discouraged because these payday for poor credit loans will not solely base your worthiness on your credit rating. They’ll also examine other details about you, such as:

Current Address
Financial History
Employment Status

Basically, the one-size-fits-all motto doesn’t apply when you obtain a loan with bad credit. There’s no pressure in checking all the right boxes because there are none. Instead, your application will be based on its own criteria and your personal situation. This is the beauty of a loan with bad credit – lenders ensure that borrowers get the best deal that will perfectly resolve their financial mishaps by giving them fair total amount. Additional information that will be asked by the lenders are:

Permanent UK Address
At Least 18 Years Old

Pro tip that you need to remember is to make your payment on time. Failure to pay back the loan on the exact due date will make it difficult for you to secure loan in the future.

Can you get a loan with a score of 550?​


You might want to apply for a bad credit loan if your score is not that favourable. In order to determine whether you need such loan is when your application is always turned down by high-end lenders. But what’s with your credit score that lenders often turn down your application when they found out that its low? Basically, credit score or rating is a number that is utilised to assist lenders and banks in judging if borrowers should be given credit or not. The greater this number becomes, the higher your score will be, which means better chance of sealing the credit that you need. Your score is obtained from your credit report file. This works just like a financial CV that covers all your financial poor credit history for the past six years. It contains a lot of your personal details, including your address, marital status, and employer.


Aside from this, it also contains the information about your previous credit, if ever you have applied before. It could range from any form of financial aid, including loans, credit card, or even mobile phone contract. When lenders see that you have a bad score, this automatically give them the impression that your score is not good for whatever reason. It tells them that there is something negative from your financial credit file that my put them at risk.

How Exactly To Determine If You

If you think that your credit does not look good, there are plenty of reasons behind it, including the following:

Applying for multiple credit in a short period of time
• Plenty of outstanding debt
• Having defaults or County Court Judgments or CCJs against your name
• Late or missing payments on loan, credit card, bill, or mortgage
 Victim of identity theft
Not securing for credit before

These are the most notorious reasons that damage your records, but they are avoidable. Make sure you abandon your old financial habits and revamp your financial regime by avoiding the aforementioned reasons. By knowing where you went wrong, you’ll be able to overhaul the negative impact on your loans by making wise financial decisions every single time. Though there are many companies in UK that offer loans for people with poor credit, it may still pay back to have a clean and outstanding credit report that you can take pride in.

How Can I Check

Basically, if you want to determine if you have a bad rating, you might want to find out your record score first. Finding your credit score is not rocket science. In fact, you can easily find them in three main reference agencies in UK, which are:ExperianEquifaxCallcreditKeep in mind that your credit score may vary from each of these agencies since they collect and use different set of information, according to their criteria. Checking your credit score from any of these agencies is free of charge. But CallCredit and Equifax are the best ones to work with since they allow unlimited access to your credit file / credit report.

Why It’s Very Difficult to Get Loans
with Bad Credit?​

Lenders and banks contact credit reference agencies to determine their personal loan credit rating. This is how they can identify which loans they should accept. If you have a negative credit history, your credit score tend to be lower as well. In the perspective of the lender, you are a risky borrower that makes late monthly repayments or late pay back and have bad financial habits. This means that they will most likely turn down your credit request or if they decide to accept it, you will be offered with terms that have high interest rates. This is where you need to weight down your options and decide if taking the loans are worth it.

Bad Credit Loans: Can it help increase
my Credit Score?​

Applying for loan bad credit won’t instantly increase your credit score. As a matter of fact, it could even make your financial situation worse than it is before, especially if you keep applying for multiple loans knowing that you have low ratings . If applying for loan won’t improve your score, what will? Good question. The best thing that could enhance your credit rating is applying for a short-term loans for bad credit from a reputable lender in UK and making your monthly repayments right on schedule. It will show that you can manage your finances responsibly and prove to your future lenders that you are not a risky borrower and are worthy of their loans approval.

Can I get a loan with

When it comes to applying for credit, you can’t expect 100% guarantee. The reason behind this is the requirement that all loan applications must go through a credit check. You will likely have a high chance of approval. If you need to borrow money quickly for any reason and if you apply for bad credit loan, but until the credit check is completed and the lender comes up with a decision, you will never know. One issue with this slow process is that individuals with extremely bad credit have a possibility of getting their application denied. This can result to an even lower credit rate, making it much difficult for you to obtain loans in the future.

To combat this stressful cycle, there are some lenders that allow you to carry out a Soft Credit Match. This allows lenders to present which borrower will mostly likely get their approval for bad credit loan, using the details provided by the applicants. This offers two huge benefits. First, it accelerates the application process; allowing you to instantly obtain the loan. Second, it allows you to look for other loan deals without worrying about negative impact on your credit score if your application gets rejected, which is what usually happens with customary loan scheme.

Furthermore, to help reduce your problems and give you a sense of peace, all lenders that offer bad credit loans are completely authorized and they follow a tight Financial Conduct Authority guidelines. 

With this, you can guarantee that you are getting finance by a reputable and trustworthy lender in the UK that can provide complete transparency. This means that you will have unlimited access to any information that you need to review before making a decision.

Before, borrowers with bad credit don’t consider the best terms, they are simply looking for lenders that will instantly say yes to their application. This is because lenders that offer bad credit are rare during those days. Thankfully, this isn’t the case anymore. Lenders are now following the modern scheme of offering loan, which is understanding that not all borrowers have the same requirements and need. They now provide wide-ranging bad credit loans that are offered to people with bad credit score.

Bad credit loans are basically unsecured loans for individuals with very low credit rate. Fortunately, even if you have a less-than-perfect credit, there are many lenders who will finance you, as long as you can prove that you have a stable income. You will also be required to submit copies of your payroll and bank account statements.

If you want to avail the best deals when you apply for bad credit loan, you have to examine and compare different lenders and loan offers. Choose loans for bad credit from a highly-reliable lender that provides the lowest interest rates and most favourable term.

Pros & Cons of

Pros of Bad Credit Loans​

Bad credit loan are becoming more and more popular today, giving people with low credit rating a chance to access loans with incredible deals and competitive interest rates. This loan is unlike any scheme offered by lenders or banks before, wherein credit history is the only basis to determine the borrower’s credit-worthiness. When you apply for poor credit loans, your credit history is just one piece of the requirement, lenders focus on your current employment status, salary, and other details that are easy to provide. Apart from this, what are the advantages of bad credit loan? And why do people are hooked with it?

The most prominent advantage of a bad credit loan is it allows you to access the total amount that you need to borrow money, even if you have a detractive credit. Usually, loans for bad credit tend to have higher interest rate compared to other loan options.


This is a huge help if you are facing an emergency financial crunch. However, just make sure that you keep tabs of your monthly repayments schedule and make an effort to follow it, in order to avoid expensive interest rates and improve your credit score as well.

Moreover, it will give you confidence that your application will be accepted before you apply, which means credit check won’t damage your credit score. On top of that, you can even choose which lender to work with by comparing terms and rates.

Cons of Bad Credit Loan​

The downside about applying for bad credit loan is you won’t have the opportunity to avail the similar low interest rates that those with perfect credit enjoy. High interest rate go hand in hand with bad credit loan since poor credit scores are the number one risk factor for lenders. Another advantage of bad credit loan is you will have limited lenders to choose from since there is only a small group of lenders that are willing to provide finances to borrowers with poor credit.

FAQ on

A soft credit search cannot be seen by the lending entities and thus it does not have impact on your credit record.

As it is, several hard credit searches can be seen by other lenders and that can impact your credit file. What it means is if you apply for loans with bad credit multiple times, the risk of getting rejected is manifold. At PDLN, we deal with the lenders that rely on soft credit search. So, you are able to look for the bad credit loans and there is no need to worry about impact on your credit record.

Sometimes, you may find your loan application is getting declined repeatedly. If you want to improve your credit score then check the information held on your profile by the top credit reference agencies. It is possible to get any incorrect information rectified. You may have to close down dormant bank accounts and credit cards. These can actually affect your credit score adversely.

Even with bad credit you may want to obtain a loan without delay. The time span is dependent on the amount you want to borrow. The repayment tenure also comes into the picture. In most cases, the lenders allied with us grant loan for short duration and small amounts without delay. If you want to apply for a loan with bigger amounts, the application processing time can be longer.

However, you need not worry about these issues. Most of the lenders we work with strive to make things easier for the applicants. They will come up with the right repayment plan. We at PDLN try to find you the apt lenders as fast as we can.

If you have a bad credit score, it can be improved. You need to follow a few steps for enhancing credit record. Every time you apply for a loan, the lender runs a credit search on you. It becomes hard to get loans with poor credit if the lender deems you unfit for repayment. Every search reflects on your credit file.