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Cities Loans - Gloucester

Hollywood celebrities are known to spend their holidays here in Gloucester for a variety of reasons.. Here are some favourite sites of travellers from all over the world:

  1. The Cathedral. Built during the 1000s, the church served as the resting place of King Edward II. It is where guests can view the Great Eastern Window. This is a favourite of TV and movies centred on period themes like Sherlock and the Harry Potter series.
  2. The Docks. This is a place that also has Hollywood written in it. The exquisite waterfront views are on display, warehouses that have been transformed into commercial spaces and a long row of restaurants, bars, tea rooms and cafes make this an inviting choice for holidaymakers.
  3. The Tailor of Beatrice Potter Museum and Shop. The venue is located right inside the building where Beatrice Potter set up her shop. It indicates that it is based on reality.
  4. The Glorious Glosters. These are members of the famed regiment and most bemedalled group inside the British Army who have been paid tribute to in the Soldier’s Museum.
  5. Museums abound within the city. The most significant of these are Waterways , Folk, and the City . These hold exhibits that number to the thousands.
  6. Eastgate Street. Eastgate Viewing Chamber offer travellers a view into the past that takes them back centuries ago. One of its most significant exhibits here is a Roman ruins that served as the base of a century tower made in the 1200s. Another exhibit of interest is an animal enclosure where they were bathed and cleaned during the time of the Tudors.

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There are a lot more interesting things one can see in Gloucester. It is the city that shows tourists a wonderful and meaningful time.

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Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk