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These towns including Widnes plus Runcorn with all parishes encompassing Sandymoor, Halebank, Preston Brook, Moore, Daresbury, plus Hales are all under its authority. River Mersey covers a wide area within this district. That was once part of Lancashire. Travellers love these places for its many tourist offerings.

The  Borough Council lay ownership to Brindley theatre. Entertainment plus arts are what visitors can expect from this place. It is a major player regarding cultural awareness for travellers plus residents. Proof of this important role it plays for its’ cultural scene are all awards that it has gathered. After it opened last 2004, it won Royal Institute of British Architects Architectural Awards. Soon after, more awards came within. Centre for Vision Award was given by Civic Trust with an Excellence in Access Award by ADAPT. Both were given last 2005. A National Clean Air Award came last 2006. National Lottery gave this theatre Best Arts Project United Kingdom last 2007.

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With recognitions like Best Performance Venue Award from Mersey Partnership Tourism Awards, local art scene within Runcorn and Widnes is like no other. Focus was especially put on the environmental contributions of the building will have on the borough. Techniques plus features that help make an energy-friendly building are built into while in construction. Travellers get to enjoy a host of various productions with live acts in a 420-seater hall. People most especially enjoy all pantomime shows. People enjoy films shown in a 108 capacity viewing room. There are galleries and exhibition places, a conference room, a class room, dressing rooms, If you get hungry you can have some food and refreshments at their in-house cafe and bar that overlooks the Bridgewater Canal.

It’s just one place that the city offers. It’s for people who love culture and history alike.

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Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk