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Payday loans are usually approved easily but they are not exactly guaranteed. That is why a lot of people want to know about the existence of guaranteed payday loans and you may be among them too! The honest answer to this question is no. There is nothing like a guaranteed payday loan. The loans are cleared as per lending criteria. The main parameters used for payday loan approval is the capability of the applicant to repay the loan amount. This means you must have a legitimate job and you have to be working for over 6 months, on average.

How to Get a Guaranteed Loan Approval No Credit Check

The reality is while there is nothing like a guaranteed loan, there are payday lenders who would not assess your credit score. In fact, Bad credit payday loans do exist and some lenders will lend you even if your credit score is not impressive. We at PDLN have a tie-up with some such lending entities. Data reveals almost 69 percent of borrowers use such loans to cover recurring expenses like energy bills, insurance premiums, and credit card bills, etc. Almost 16 percent of borrowers use the loans for addressing emergency needs like a car or home repair.

Guide to 100% Acceptance Payday Loans

Are Bad Credit Payday Loans Approved By Direct Lenders?

The answer is no. Bad credit payday loans however have a reasonably good approval percentage. However, it would be wrong to say there is something like guaranteed approval. We do not recommend choosing lenders that offer guaranteed approval for such loans. It can be detrimental to the borrower.

Guaranteed Payday Loans regardless of Your Credit Score

We would like to remind you that the payday loan in the UK is never guaranteed. Of course, those with better credit scores stand a better chance for approval. However, many lenders will skip this aspect. They stress more about assessing your job status. They also check your repayment capability. Usually, the payday loans are repaid on the applicant’s upcoming pay date. So, these are essentially short term loans best suited for emergency purposes.

Eligibility for Guaranteed Loans

For Poor Credit Holders

The loan eligibility is dependent on the applicant and data submitted by him/her in the application form. As there is no guaranteed loan for applicants with poor credit, it is best that you submit accurate data.

In short, ‘guaranteed’ payday loans are meant for people who:

• Need cash on an urgent basis for unexpected medical expenses, car repairs, etc.
• Want money quickly, through a fast and safe application procedure.
• Needs funds sent to their accounts without delay.
• Want online convenience from their smartphones 24/7.

If properly used, the payday loans coming with guaranteed approval may act as saviors. As the majority of payday lenders we deal with focus on your repaying ability, they will assess your information and job status.

However, it would be prudent that you check with regional lending laws before opting for such loans to stay on the safe side. It is necessary you check the credibility of the lender online.

How Guaranteed Payday Loans Work Online?

You may opt for a guaranteed payday loan online without going anywhere, online and there will be no paperwork involved. You won’t have to wait long for loan processing either. Before completing approval, the lender will call you to explain the terms and conditions of the loan.

After you agree to the lender’s terms for the loan, the processing will take a small time. You will get the money credited in your bank account on the same day. You may get it in the account within an hour of application as well.

Easy Application

You can apply at our website. It is simple and quick. You can complete the form in just a few minutes.

Direct Lenders

You are presented with a list of lenders matching your criteria for a loan. You have to compare and pick the right one.

Get Approval

After the lenders call you and offer the terms, you have to make a decision and give your approval.

Transfer of funds

Within an hour or even less, you get the cash transferred into your account.

Guaranteed Payday Loans with High Acceptance​


High Acceptance loans are guaranteed loans for bad credit. This type of loan is a guaranteed loan because your poor credit history is overlooked. However, there is a possibility that the money may not be granted due to some factors. Loans with a high acceptance rate guarantee secure lending approval. Utilities and medical emergencies are some of the everyday situations that lead people to financial crises, affecting the entire budget and shortage of funds. In this situation, what they most need is to find a lending agency to borrow money.

Loan Example

BorrowLoan typeApply with bad creditInterest rate
£100 – £5,000 Short Term Yes 292% PA

Guaranteed Acceptance Payday Loans FAQ

A guaranteed loan is best described as one that you are most likely to qualify for. Certainly, there will be occasions that would disqualify some people from getting lending and thus it wouldn’t be a sure thing. However, we guarantee that we will likely be able to assist you because we are not as concerned with prior lending history.

All authorised direct lenders are required by law to perform credit checks on no guarantor loans for bad credit applications. Therefore, if you see a company advertising guaranteed payday loans with no credit check they are not truthful with you.

One of the main reasons someone is likely to be looking for a ‘guaranteed’ payday loan is that they are worried about failing a credit check and having their application denied, and so are searching for a direct lender they hope can offer a guaranteed loan with no credit check or for those with bad credit history. However, the truth is that all loans in the UK require a credit check to be performed.

The first thing is, there is nothing like a ‘guaranteed’ payday loan. At PDLN, we will refer you to lenders who are likely to approve your loan application. However, we do not guarantee a 100% chance of approval. This is owing to factors beyond our control. Sometimes, a past loan with defaulting history may make you ineligible for a second loan.

Yes, you must be aware that the payday loans are meant for emergency purposes and so you should not use them to pay monthly bills! The payday loans may be worth $500 or less. However, in some instances loans worth $1,000 is also offered. The regulation may vary a little from one region to another. You may need to check your regional norms online.

As we have said earlier, there is nothing like guaranteed approval. However, you can always try to enhance your loan approval prospect.
If you already have an existing payday loan, it is better you clear that. If you have joined a job of late, wait for a few months before applying for such loans. Most importantly, get an active checking account- if you do not have one.

The payday lenders will need this.  It is better that you submit a loan application on a weekday. As a matter of fact, the majority of lenders work on weekdays than weekends. In case, you applied for a loan on a holiday, wait for a few days and then reapply on a weekday.

We mentioned there is no guaranteed approval here but you have to know some basic requirements. These have to be met if you want to obtain a payday loan in the UK.

  • You must have the ability to repay the loan on time
  • You must be in a stable job and you have to be in that job for approx 3-6 months
  • You have to be a legal resident of the UK and above 18 years

There are a few things that are important in this context. You need to have a valid bank account in the UK and an email id. Once your application is processed and approved, the lenders will guide you through the entire process.