Guaranteed Payday Loans for Bad Credit

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Representative Example:

  • Loan amount £200 for 35 days.
  • Payable in One total repayment of £256.00
  • Interest charged is £56.00,
  • interest rate 292% pa (variable).
  • Representative 1212% APR.

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Representative Example:

  • Loan amount £400 for 90 days.
  • Payable in 3 monthly instalments of £187.31
  • Total amount repayable £561.92
  • Interest charged is £161.92,
  • interest rate 161.9% pa (variable).
  • Representative 305.9% APR.
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All About Guaranteed Payday Loans

Payday loans are short term, expensive, and most of the time due on your next payday. They are small amounts and unsecured loans intended for employed individuals who urgently need money for unexpected purchase that is not on the budget.

Many lenders offer payday loans and also cash loans, so you must make time to look for a reliable agency. It would be great to make time to research which of these lenders will fit your needs instead of merely choosing any of them. A reputable lender will mostly provide good terms on the amount that you need but will likely check your credit history and income. You have to be sure that the FCA authorizes the lender you have chosen to apply for a loan.

What are guaranteed payday loans?

A guaranteed payday loan is known to get anyone qualified. Although not all the time, everyone who applies gets approved most of the time. It guarantees approval as it doesn’t look over your past financial standing.

Guaranteed Payday Loans


£100 – £5,000

Loan type

Short Term

Apply with bad credit?


Interest Rate

292% PA


How do Lenders of no check loans work?

Most lenders in the UK offer loans with collaterals as security, especially at this time of economic challenge. Some examples of unsecured lending are the availability of asset-backed finance and home improvement loan providers. There is also an increase in the number of niche products where many can secure loans using personal valuables such as cars, arts, antiques, or gold jewelry. This category, which is the niche loan products, also includes the bad credit loan wherein to get accepted, you have to provide collateral as security to the lender.

Once you didn’t get approved, try to find another lender. It does not mean that you will never get a loan. Some lenders approve your loan depending on your financial strength; they may require you to find a guarantor. It is sometimes known as guaranteed loans by direct lenders and usually evaluated by specific criteria that should be complied. Payday loans are considered reliable but unsecured; however, it is an excellent source of assistance when other options fail. Many are not confident if they can pass the evaluation because they have a poor credit history, which may affect their application. But payday loans are not influenced by your credit score or your lending history.

Guaranteed Payday Loans with High Acceptance

High Acceptance loans are guaranteed loans for bad credit. This type of loan is a guaranteed loan because your poor credit history is overlooked. However, there is a possibility that the money may not be granted due to some factors. Loans with a high acceptance rate guarantee secure lending approval. Utilities and medical emergencies are some of the everyday situations that lead people to financial crises, affecting the entire budget and shortage of funds. In this situation, what they most need is to find a lending agency to borrow money. The following are the different types of guaranteed payday loans.

Guaranteed Payday Loans



Payday Loans 100% Acceptance


Guaranteed Approval Loans


Guaranteed Loans Direct Lenders


Guaranteed Acceptance Payday Loan


Direct Lenders Only


Cash shortage means there’s also no other safety net left to rely on since all possible means had been used for a specific purpose. But to stay on top of this challenge is to find resources to look for other lending services that can aid your needs.

guaranteed payday loans for bad credit

100% Acceptance

The 100% acceptance payday loans are intended for people who have bad credit and most likely will not be able to qualify. While it is given that not all lenders accept those who apply, there are lending agencies with high rate acceptance. These are lenders who are more focused on your present financial state instead of looking into your credit history.

Financial problems can affect a person’s way of life, and sometimes it can be embarrassing to let your family and friends know that you are in trouble financially. It is a big struggle to keep your positive thoughts in a grim of money shortage. It can affect your way of life, and since it comes at an unwanted moment, it won’t be easy to think of the right solution. Sometimes it can push a person to engage in some desperate measures like getting help from a family or friends. And if this does not turn out in their favor, it will lead them to take the road to lend.

Short term loans are for people who are facing substantial money problems, a type of loan that is simple and easy to apply for. This type of lender is found over the internet, and they offer guaranteed payday loans. Before you start your application, be aware of some qualifications: Age has to be 18 years old and older, has a stable job with a minimum salary of £100, an active deposit account along with a debit account, and you must be a certified citizen of the country.


Guaranteed Payday Loans can best benefit individuals who have adverse credit history who are worried about getting the application denied by the banks. It is challenging to maintain a good credit standing, especially at this time of economic turmoil, so a payday loan is the best answer to such financial difficulties. It is a small loan with a short repayment schedule; checking of credit history is not a requirement, or it is usually overlooked. However, direct lenders are obliged to do credit checks on no guarantor loans for applications with bad credit. If the company you are applying for offers no credit check, you have to check if it is legitimate.

If you are worried about how you are going to survive with your current financial challenge, all you have to do is to go through online and find that legitimate lending company that can provide your needs through immediate financial help. Free your worries since with payday loans, you can guarantee quick loan approval, and the cash is transferred to your account immediately.

Guaranteed Payday Loans FAQ

What are guaranteed payday loans?

A guaranteed loan is best described as one that you are most likely to qualify for. Certainly, there will be occasions that would disqualify some people from getting lending and thus it wouldn’t be a sure thing. However, we guarantee that we will likely be able to assist you because we are not as concerned with prior lending history.

Will the direct lender need a credit check or guarantor?

All authorised direct lenders are required by law to perform credit checks on no guarantor loans for bad credit applications. Therefore, if you see a company advertising guaranteed payday loans with no credit check they are not truthful with you.

Why might I be looking for a ‘guaranteed payday loan’?

One of the main reasons someone is likely to be looking for a ‘guaranteed’ payday loan is that they are worried about failing a credit check and having their application denied, and so are searching for a direct lender they hope can offer a guaranteed loan with no credit check or for those with bad credit history. However, the truth is that all loans in the UK require a credit check to be performed.

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