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If you are in emergency need of a loan, click apply above and submit your application to us. If you have a job or are receiving income, you may qualify for a payday loan. Are you suffering from a cash shortage, or unable to settle your mounting bills on time? By applying with us, you will receive a quick decision on your loan request. If accepted, we will forward your requested cash to your bank account. Apply for direct lender payday loans online through our site.

No direct lender should claim there is “100 percent acceptance, guaranteed” of their loans. All responsible lenders will carry out affordability and credit checks to make sure the borrower can repay the bad credit loan uk direct lender. However, that does not mean you need a perfect credit record to be approved. If you happen to have bad credit, please consider submitting your application here. We are a broker and can help put you in touch with a direct lender who may be able to help you borrow the money you need.

What are Guaranteed Loans from Direct Lenders?

People apply emergency loans for many reasons. Of course, they want to submit an application to a place that guarantees their loan will be approved. Guarantees are nice, especially when the applicant has bad credit. While we are not direct lenders, we can introduce one to you by submitting your application through us.


The truth is that no lender can guarantee 100% acceptance of high acceptance loan bad credit. The best they can do is offer a high percentage rate of approval. As you can imagine, any number of situations can prevent someone from being qualified to borrow money, including not having a job or income.

You can probably find a high approval lender that will overlook bad credit and favour your application process if you happen to have a job or steady source of income. Try a lender that not only makes it convenient for you, it also puts the money in your hands quicker by sending money directly to your account. We would like to help you get a guaranteed payday loan, even if you consider yourself as having bad credit. Apply today to get started.

What are Guaranteed Payday Loans? (No such thing!)

NameAPR RateLender Type
Payday Loans Now 728.9% Not A Direct Lender
Wizzcash 1265% Direct Lender
QuickQuid 1294.1% Direct Lender
My Jar 1270% Direct Lender
Sunny Loans 1299% Direct Lender
Wonga 1509% Direct Lender

Lenders can provide a payday loan which meets your short-term financial needs that can arise from a crisis. These won’t be guaranteed for every person in every situation. They are also known as payday loan, short-term loans and personal loans. These type of loans depend on your ability to repay — if a person doesn’t have the ability to repay they are not guaranteed loan approval.

What is a guaranteed approval loan? Actually, there are no such things as “guaranteed approval” loans. Certainly you can think of a scenario where someone applying wouldn’t be guaranteed a loan, (for instance, they might not be able to repay one if the did get it).

However, if you do have income, this kind of loan has many benefits. By repaying with your future salary, you can borrow money prior to receiving it. Let’s take a look at getting a fast loan.

Short Term Loan Guaranteed

While not all loans are guaranteed, you can find a lender that has high acceptance payday loan. You can borrow amounts starting from £100 up to £1,000. If you have income, the acceptance rate of this type of loan should be fairly high. However, the interest rates are quite high compared to other conventional loans bad credit uk. This is also a short-term, and the monthly repayments period is up until your next pay cheque or within a few months if you chose to get one in instalments.

Many people qualify for this type of loan, even if they have a poor credit score. You don’t have to submit any form of collateral or issue any postdated check because all transactions are made through electronic and do not require collateral. The payment will automatically be deducted from your account once the due date arrives. This can be extended through paying extra fees.

The process of obtaining a loan such as this is fastest when done online. You should complete an application form and submit it via online. You have to give necessary information such as evidence of your income, employment details and information on your account. If you are a student you can apply for student loan uk.

The lending company where you apply will authenticate the information that you’ve provided, and you should receive a quick notification of acceptance or denial. Once your approval is granted, the cash will be credited to your account quickly. When the due date arrives, it will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account, so it is easier for you to repay.

Benefits Loan Seekers Look For:

Borrower’s Guidelines

Borrowers can weigh out the deals given by various lenders. Choose the best payday loan offered online. Just a little tip, borrow money based on your financial ability and needs. Avoid extending your repayment period to stop excessive fees that expensive.

When a borrower chooses to get a loan that isn’t secured by collateral, the lender will charge a higher interest rates compared to a conventional loan that is secured by collateral. The repayment duration is much shorter. Typically, once the short term loans easy repayment will begin on the day that the borrower receives his pay cheque. This is the reason they are called “payday loans”. Borrowers can also opt for the smaller amount with longer repayment period.

Guaranteed payday loan from direct lender with high acceptance are conveniently available online at any time. We are not a direct lender, but we can put you in contact with one quickly. What are you waiting for? Click above to apply now!

Guaranteed Payday Loan

A direct lender provides funds or loans directly to individual customers without the involvement of any intermediaries. As the lender directly deals with the client, both of them can communicate smoothly with each other instead of having to count on a third person or party to relay messages. Therefore, if the client has any kind of questions during their application or approval procedure, they can directly go to the lender.

Timeframe – Working with a direct lender is faster as there is no need for application processing and 3rd party approvals. Once you get your loan approved by a direct lender, you will get the money immediately without waiting for your next payday.

Simple Process – When you deal with the lender directly, the online loan process becomes simpler and more straightforward. When it comes to communication, it becomes clearer and smoother as you can directly communicate with the lender and get the whole process explained in detail. An added advantage of working with a direct lender is that you know who to contact in case of any concerns or questions.

Privacy – When you choose to get a loan from a direct lender, your personal information isn’t shared with many people. This increases your privacy level. Indirect lenders or brokers can share your personal information with different companies to get a loan approved. As a result, your information is available to many unknown companies.

Fewer Fees: With direct lenders, less fee is involved since you do not need to pay for intermediaries or third parties for introducing you to direct loan providers.

When you work with a direct lender, you get money for your loan from that lender directly. However, when you work with a broker, you need to give them all your information. The information will be entered in their system, which will be shared with various direct lenders and a response is then awaited.

In addition, with direct lenders, no additional costs are involved. When you chose to work with a direct lender, you know what needs to be repaid and when clearly. But with a broker, additional costs may be associated as broker charges. So, when choosing between a direct lender and broker, always weigh the pros and cons and then make any decision.