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We simply can’t promise you that we will help you get a Payday Loans without any credit Check because this is not how it works. By Guaranteed Payday Loans No Credit Check, what we are trying to mean is that your credit score will not be scrutinized strictly. Rather, lenders will consider your financial conditions before approving your application for a payday loan.

We can help you get a loan, but we cannot guarantee acceptance. We can help you get a loan from the UK’s best lenders, but we cannot do so without your credit being checked (it is not possible to get a loan with no credit check for people in the UK by a direct lender). That being said, we will do our best to get you a loan online, and try to do so with a high rate of acceptance.

To Check Or Not To Check, Is The Question

A payday loan typically covers a small amount of money borrowed by applicants to address emergencies. It can be required when you run into unforeseen situations that require a quick supply of money. Examples include unexpected medical treatment bills or a car repair job you had no idea about! When you take a payday loan, you are required to repay the amount within a short span of time. The repayment time often coincides with your next payment week or day.

A lot of payday loan applicants in the UK think about the possibility of the lenders checking their credit history. We, at PDLN, would like to make things clear. As a matter of fact, your credit score is a reflector of your financial credibility. So, when a lending entity wants to evaluate your capacity to pay back a loan, it is only natural that it would like to check your credit score. However, the reality is not all lenders we work with belong to that category.

Guaranteed Payday Loans

My Credit Score Is Poor. So, What Can Be Done?

If you are applying for loans at many places and the lenders are checking your credit score, you may be worried about the impact. However, you should not lose heart. Not every lender in the UK assesses the loan applicants in the same way.

The fact is, lending entities are not the only ones to check your credit score. There are other entities that do the same. You can’t skip credit score checking when you apply for rent, get a mobile plan, or begin consuming any utility service. In fact, some employers will want to assess your credit score when you apply for jobs.

Eventually, it is hard to say what will be considered apt or inapt in these contexts by the loan entities. You may be rejected by one lender for having poor credit record but that may not be deemed a barrier by another lender. The latter may grant you a loan without delay. Nevertheless, your focus should be on improving your credit history. This will help open up many more doors for loans.

No Credit Check

In some cases, the UK based lenders may not check the credit score of the applicant, more so if the amount is in the range of $300-$500. The lenders will conduct an identity check to ensure your repayment capability is decent though. You need to pass the tests in terms of age, income proof, and having a bank account.

We can help you get a loan, but we cannot guarantee acceptance. We can help you get a loan from the UK’s best lenders, but we cannot do so without your credit being checked (it is not possible to get a loan with no credit check for people in the UK by a direct lender). That being said, we will do our best to get you a loan online, and try to do so with a high rate of acceptance.

How to Get Guaranteed Payday Loans (No Credit Check) from Direct Lenders PDLN

Apply Online

We have made the online application process simple and fast. You need to be above 18 years, a citizen of the UK. You also need to have a stable income source and a bank account to apply.

We Search 50+ Direct Lenders

We have tie-ups with the leading UK based payday lending companies. So, when you apply through our online platform – you get access to several direct lenders. So, you can compare loan offers from many lenders by applying just once. This is absolutely convenient and time-saving. 

Bad Credit Accepted

We understand that it is not possible for every applicant to have an excellent credit record. We also work with lenders who consider applicants with not so good credit scores in unbiased ways. In many cases, bad credit does not prove to be a hindrance for loan approval. Of course, factors like employment status and income amount play big roles here.

Online and Secure

The lenders we work with offer loans online. It is both convenient and fast. Whatever information you offer is encrypted and there is nothing to worry about safety. You can apply for such loans using a PC or your smartphone, anytime.

Instant Response

When you apply for payday loans through us, the wait time will not be long! The lenders will scan your submitted application and they will revert to you without delay. Most applicants get approved for loans without delay.

Fast Payout

As the lenders assess your application and check for vital parameters, you can relax. If you are approved, the money will be sent to your bank account on the next day. Sometimes, the applicants receive money on the same day too. That is why payday loans have become so popular.

Hard Credit Checks

A section of lenders performs typical or hard credit checks, however unwelcome that is to the applicants. They will not only assess your basic information but will assess your credit history in detail. Such checks may have an adverse impact on your credit score. So, it is important that you do not skip the lender’s terms and conditions before applying. It will help you evade hassles in the long run.

Soft Credit Check

This takes place when you apply for a larger amount of money. In this case, the lenders will check your overall financial information. They will go through your payment records, look for any instance of defaulting, and check income level. However, the good thing is these soft credit checks will not impact the credit score. So, you can get clearance for larger loans with minimal checks.

Guaranteed Loan Brokers

We are loan brokers. When you submit an application to us, we are not lenders, but instead forward your application to the direct lenders who can help you by providing lower interest rates.

It is an important service because it gives many people an opportunity to get a loan which may not otherwise.

How to Qualify for Guaranteed Loans No Credit Check

To qualify in getting payday loans with no credit check, you should be gainfully employed and afford to repay. Perhaps you can qualify if you have income sources other than a direct job.

Other Factors

Other important factors will focus on your ability to pay back. One factor which will almost get you a guaranteed no credit check loan is if you are able to repay your loan timely.

Where To Get Guaranteed Payday No Check Loan?

There is no doubt financial instability may cause you some distress and it can strike you anytime. In such situations, you can overcome the cash crunch by opting for a payday loan. Before that, you need to know what exactly a payday loan is. If you are in a position to apply for a payday loan and find a suitable lender, you should go ahead. That is where we step in! At PDLN, we deal with top and reliable UK lenders offering payday loans.

There was a time most people resorted to the banks for personal loans but the scene has changed now. The banks have become rather strict about issuing loans to applicants with unimpressive credit scores. Opting for a payday loan is a better alternative when you need a quick supply of cash and the amount is not huge. At our online platform, you can compare various lenders and check their loan offerings side by side. This makes picking the right lender easier and faster. Eventually, your application gets processed fast and you get the money.

However, you have to keep in mind that the payday loans are offered with a steep rate of interest. You need to think carefully about repayment and analyze the upcoming expenses.

Advantages of Guaranteed Payday Loans from Direct Lender

  • You get to borrow money ranging from £100 up to £500
    Simple weekly or monthly repayments option
  • Get approved with easy and hassle-free process.
  • Instant decision
  • No hidden charges
  • People with poor credit history can also apply

High Acceptance Payday Loans

These payday lenders will consider giving you a loan, even if you have bad credit scores.

As long as you have a job and the ability to repay, the lender will review your application and give you a quick decision on acceptance.

If you don’t qualify, you can take steps to improve your credit report/credit score and try again at a later date.

Hopefully, you will qualify to get a loan — but if not, there are alternatives to consider.

Guaranteed Payday Loans No Credit Check FAQ

You may think when your credit score is poor, only the loans without credit checks fit the bill. However, we would like to explain loans sans credit checks are not viable. It is better that you go through the credit report and then try to figure out what is stopping you from getting loan appraisal. If you can find out these issues, you can enhance the credit score and bolster your loan prospects. We can definitely guide you in this regard.

We always stress on the point that in the UK, checking for payday loans without credit check is not a prudent thing to do! The legitimate direct lenders usually perform a credit check to determine the eligibility of the borrower. Of course, you may come across a handful of brokers in the UK who advertise for guaranteed payday loans minus credit check. Be aware that such loans cannot be guaranteed and ‘no credits check’ ones are not prudent. The direct lenders look for securities and guarantor for issuing loans. They want an assurance that the applicants are able to pay back the borrowed money.

We, at PDLN, perform a credit check for the applicants, and then we help them connect with our allied lending companies online. We do not exclusively focus on credit history while assessing the applications. We strongly advise that you stay away from brokers or lenders that offer no credit payday loans or guaranteed loans.

Not every lending entity checks your credit score in the same manner. Some lending companies will check your credit record but that won’t affect your score negatively. This is referred to as a soft credit check. It remains limited to that specific lender. Then there are some entities that run a primary soft credit check before carrying out an intensive credit check.