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If you are looking for a fast and reliable short-term loan provider, then PayDayLoansNow can help you. We are able to help you obtain loan, even with poor credit. You may think that getting a £400 loan with bad credit rating is impossible. There are many providers on the internet who make the whole process look easy, when in fact all they want to do is sell you a loan with extortionately high interest rates.

The UK regulations surrounding financial lenders and credit providers are extremely strict. This means that you will be approved for an instant loan only if you can afford to repay it. Measures have been put in place to protect those who need to borrow, and helps to ensure that they do not place them self under more financial stress than they can cope with.

£400 Loans Without Credit Check


Our aim is to help you obtain the credit line that you need when you need it, while making sure that you do not put yourself into further financial difficulty. If you are looking for a no credit check loan, then you are going to be looking for a long time.

Many companies advertise a no credit check 400 loan, however, in the UK there is no such thing. To provide a line of credit without first checking the credit history of the applicant would be breaking UK Financial regulations and laws. If you have poor credit, you do not need to needlessly worry that you are going to be declined.

While many UK High Street Banks and financial institutions will not lend money to those unless they have no need for it, we specialise in arranging bad credit emergency loan bad credit uk of £400 for those in need. We understand that each application is unique and that circumstances can arise that places people under financial stress.

If you need an instant 400 loan, we should be able to help you. Every month, we helped thousands of people obtain the credit that they need. To begin your application for your £400 instant payday loans, all you need to do is fill in the online application.

Loans Application Process


When filling in your application form, you will be asked to provide some basic financial and personal information. This helps us to decide on whether you can afford to take out a £400 loan with us. You should be as honest about your financial situation as possible when making your application, even if you think that your financial situation would preclude you from being able to borrow.

We have a high approval rate, and have options available to those even with the worst credit history. Every day we are able to help people just like you obtain the bad credit £400 same day no guarantor loan high acceptance.

Instant Decision Loas

If you are in need of a £400 instant bad credit payday, then simply fill in the online application form and wait for your instant decision. It is our job to help you receive the money you need, and we are proud to say that we are good at our job.

FAQs about 400 Pounds Loans

At PDLN, each lender that we work with has to meet some criteria. One of these is that the lenders have to revert to the applicants without delay.

Our allied lenders use state of the art technology and so they let the customers know of their decision quickly, within a few minutes. In case your loan application is cleared, you will get the amount transferred on the same day.

At PDLN, we believe that people should have access to loans when they face emergency situations. This includes applicants with poor credit ratings. We work with lenders who are known for granting loans to applicants with a poor credit score. There are instances of people getting loans from these lenders after getting turned down elsewhere.

You may be able to get help even with a history of defaulting. Many of the lenders we deal with offer £400 loans to applicants with a poor credit score. We use an eligibility checker and so you can check out your prospect without your credit file getting affected.

In recent years, the popularity of short-term loans aimed at students has shot up. This is owing to the lack of any substitute option. The banks typically focus on long term loans, aimed at people with solid credit records. So, people seeking short term loans have to look elsewhere. Our lenders offer loans to students and fast payout time and soft search make things easier.

At PDLN, we have a tie-up with lenders that offer varying repayment terms. If you borrow smaller amounts like £400, the repayment tenure maybe 1 year or as short as 3 months. A few lenders may allow you to pay back over a longer tenure.