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If you are in need of a £5,000 same day loan to cover your short-term costs, then PayDayLoansNow can help you. We helped thousands of people every day arrange loans ranging from £50 to £5,000, so regardless of your Current financial situation, we should be able to help you find an option suitable to your needs. It can, at times feel like there is no way to get hold of the £5,000 same day loan that you need desperately. However, regardless of your current credit history, we can help you get the funds that you need when you need them. If you are looking for a £5,000 payday loan with no credit check, then you are going to be disappointed.

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£5000 Loan With Poor Credit


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Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a loan without a credit check. Every lender must perform a credit check before deciding to approve a loan. This is not optional and the lender cannot pick and choose the rules to follow. If you are looking for a no credit check loans near me of £5,000 because you are worried that your bad credit history will prohibit you from getting credit, then you do not need to worry.

There are plenty of options available to you, including using a guarantor to secure your Finance. A guarantor will guarantee that you pay back your loan on time or they will cover the monthly payments for you.

It doesn’t matter what you need your £5,000 same day payday loan for because we understand that everyone has situations out of their control that they need help with. Perhaps you want to pay down a deposit on a new house, or maybe you want to clear off an existing credit card in full.

5000 Pound Loan

Repayment of Loans worth 5000 Pounds

For loans worth £5000 or more, the repayment duration is usually 12 months on the lowest side or 7 years at the higher side. In some cases, the applicants are lucky enough to be granted 10 year repayment duration. You have to think of your monthly income and existing expenditure before you can opt for such loans.

The requirements for granting a loan will vary from one lending company to another. However, you will have to be a resident of the UK, above 18 years and have a stable income source. The minimal age required can vary sometimes. Of course, you need a valid UK bank account. 

£5000 Loan with Poor Credit

You may already have felt the plight of applying for a loan with poor credit score. Those with bad credit find it tough to get loan, and the hardship can be more for loan with large amount. If you do not have any asset to keep as collateral for the loan, the lenders will not sanction loan easily.


You have to tweak your strategy based on the situation. If your loan affordability is good, the lenders may sanction the loan. You may also wait to ensure your financial situation gets better. This can be necessary to enhance your credit score. When your credit score is better, you can apply again and your prospects will be better as well.

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  • Get your loan eligibility with the top Direct UK Lenders.
  • The credit history will not pose hindrance.
  • No hidden fee or extra charges.
  • Quick online form based application.
  • Your credit file does not get affected by it.

Application Process

When you fill in your quick and simple online application for your £5,000 instant guaranteed loans approval you will be asked for the main purpose of your borrowing. The online application is quick and easy and asks for just the basic information to allow us to help you borrow the amount you require. It is important to remember that the larger the loan amount, the larger the interest will be too. Borrowing £5,000 as a bad credit loan is achievable, and we specialize in helping people with bad credit get the loan they need. You can choose to go direct to the lender, or you can use a broker. A broker can help you get a loan with no guarantor much easier than if you go directly to a lender.


No Hidden Fees

We do not charge any hidden fees. This means that what you are quoted is but you will pay, nothing more and nothing less. So, if you find yourself thinking “I want to borrow £5,000 as a same-day payday bad credit loan” you can try to submit your application with us. If you need to borrow money over the short-term to cover your costs, then a instant loan direct lender will be ideal for you and can provide you with some much-needed breathing space from your financial situation.

FAQ on 5000 Pound Loan

It is possible when you choose a reputed direct lender in the UK. You can contact us too. AT PDLN, we are capable of getting you connected with such lenders. You will be able to get a 5000 pound loan sans any guarantor. Opting for a guarantor is not exactly a prudent idea, more so when your credit score is below average. We do have tie up with a handful of lenders that do not focus solely on credit score and neither do they want guarantors for sanctioning loans! These lenders focus on applicant’s income level and repayment capability.

Repayment is what you have to consider before applying for a loan. For lenders allied with PDLN, 2 factors matter the most:


  • The applicant’s financial capacity
  • The loan repayment tenure as mutually agreed


For a 5000 pound loan, these factors are analyzed the most. However, we think the applicants need to assess their financial situation first. They also need to pick the most apt repayment term. Missing repayment can result in adverse impact on their credit score.

We do have tie up with a few lenders that do not check credit score of the applicants. They grant 5000 pound loan based on income status of the applicants, mostly. So, the applicants need not worry about credit score getting affected. Making repayments in time is something they will have to do.

This can be hard. When you are not employed most lenders will refuse your application. The Direct lending companies may still give you loan but with some limitations. A jobless applicant may still opt for 5000 pound loan. He/she must have good credit score and find a guarantor with solid financial status. The repayments can be assured by home based jobs or through rental income.

Well, you can get such a loan with poor credit score. The lenders allied with us adhere to ‘no credit check’ policy. The lender will not set focus on your credit score. Your loan application is likely to be processed smoothly. But how do they approve such applications? The approval is done based on applicant’s income status and that has to be stable and good.