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This page is to organise the various offers we have based on the month term. Some of our options are by duration. Currently, this is in the form of three and twelve. In reality, our products extend to many different payout durations, from one day to one year.

Monthly Payday Loans

BorrowLoan typeApproval Time Interest rate
£100 - £5,000 Short Term & Long Term Fast 292% PA

Typically we have short termthat are usually resolved by your next pay cheque, so less than monthly. However, we can help you if you need to extend your borrowing time to even longer than that. Understand that the amount of interest is elevated higher the longer you borrow.

Let’s go over the many options we have to offer, so you know what to expect and can select the plan that is right for you. We offer regular lending, logbook, mortgages, and short term such as payday lending. Below I will explain these various options so you can pick which is right for your situation.

Monthly Installment loans are ideal for those who can’t pay a lum sum amount at one go. To meet sudden emergencies, you can always opt for monthly installment loan from Payday Loans Now.

If you have some form of collateral, such as a vehicle, you can get a lower interest with a longer payout time. When you borrow with this method, you put that valuable item (be it a vehicle or other substantial item that isn’t a home) under a contract and a logbook is issued to you. Every week when you get paid, you tare off a stub reflecting that particular time-frame and then send it in with your payment. Once the logbook has been emptied, your debt is resolved and the complete debt has been repaid.

In that case, a 3 or 12 month would have had lower interest, and you would have qualified for a much larger amount of money, even into the thousands of pounds. This is the type of deal to get when you have a secured debt.

If you do not have a vehicle and are aiming for unsecured lending, we offer that as well. Because unsecured, these have higher fees, reflecting the higher risk involved. The amounts will be for smaller amounts, and while it can still be in the thousands, typically with less than you’ll earn on your next pay cheque.

This is called unsecured lending, and named as such because you’ll pay it off when you get your next pay cheque. Instant Payday loan UKs  and guaranteed loan with out credit check can be a lifesaver when you really need money badly, there are no other options and you know you will have the money to pay it back within weeks. Get these for three or even 12 months — the interest less exorbitant and you will likely want to resolve them quicker (or find a method to secure the debt, as with a vehicle).

We also offer mortgages, which are a debt that is secured by installment loans online for your home. These are by far the cheapest to get, and the amount can range in the tens of thousands of pounds. The interest and fees being the lowest of all lending types available.

If you are interested in a three or twelve month lending, please browse our lending offerings. Click on the apply button for emergency loan asap or get a bad credit loan and we will be happy to fit you with a method to borrow the money you need at a price that is best for your situation.

Monthly Installment Loans FAQ