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If you are in need of a loan for 6 months, click the apply button above. If you have a steady job, you may qualify for a payday loan over the internet. Get a quick decision after you submit your application. By doing this you can get money quickly to take care of your emergency situation. If you are in a financial crisis that requires money before you receive your next paycheck, apply today.

6 Month Payday Loans

Do you need to make monthly instalment payments on your loan? If so, go for a 6 month payday loan, where you can pay it back over 6 months. This will allow you to get the emergency funds you need now and repay it back over time.

Yes, we offer 6 month payday instant loans for students and installment loans, and even if you need to go over 6. If that is all you wanted to know, click on the apply button and we will send money that meets your specific needs. The one we offer is a good deal, keep reading and we’ll explain the lending services we offer.

While PDLN is not a direct lender of payday loans, by submitting your application we forward your details to a direct lender who will process your direct lender pay day loan immediately. That is good news for you, because some brokers can slow down your application as they shop around your contact details and adjust the offers you receive based on whatever deal makes them the most commission.

Faster Payout & Low

Instead of dealing with that headache, the finance professionals we work with will match you with a product that is in your best interest. The APR interest is clearly visible on our site. You’ll notice we’re far cheaper than Sunny and Wonga. We can beat Sunny’s deal, and beat Wonga’s deal, to give you the best available at a fair price.

We have many lending services, some will be a better deal for your specific situation than others. Need instant unsecured lending? We would like to give you a short term duration and typically on smaller amounts of money (from a few days to a few months). Want a longer duration for larger amounts of money? We offer logbook as well as mortgages. These options will require some sort of collateral, but the good news is their interest rates are much lower.

If you have no collateral, can you still qualify? Sure, as long as you’re employed. With gainful employment, we can issue you what is known as a “payday loan”. The idea is that this type of lending is for a shorter duration, typically involving smaller amounts (hundreds of pounds to a few thousand), and has much higher fees associated with it.

6 Month Payday Loan
Borrow £50 – £5,000
Loan type Short Term
Approval Time Instant
Loan term 6 Months

Why the higher fees? Being unsecured, it is a riskier operation. It doesn’t matter if you have bad credit with a 3 month payday loan UK fast, only that you are employed or other steady source of income. When qualifying for that last requirement, we can send money direct to your bank account within minutes of you submitting your application. It doesn’t even matter whether  you have no credit, because we don’t even check verify when it comes to our pay day lending.


The final step is to click apply and select the one that is best for you. We recommend you shop around for the best deal — our APR is the lowest compared to others in the industry. We even have a convenient calculator so you can verify that result yourself!

While it is good to have a security blanket to fall on with using them in emergency situations, of course a fair option is to save up for a rainy day and not need to borrow in the first place. In the meantime, you need financial assistance immediately, and PDLN is here to help. Count on us for responsible lending and the cheapest bad credit short term loans possible.

We also pride ourselves on the speed of our funds processing. You can literally have the funds transferred to your bank account within minutes of submitting your application, then incremental payments for 3 months. This quick cash is the best in the industry!

Guaranteed Payday Loans No Credit Check

We have tied up with lenders that offer 6-month loans from £50 and the upper limit can be £1000. The application process is online and it takes a few minutes only. Then you receive a decision instantly. If you accept the loan offer, be assured about getting the amount transferred to your account without delay. It is done within the same hour in most cases.

So, you are worried that your payday loan application will be denied as your credit score is below average? When you deal with PDLN, the chances of loan approval are higher. We deal with several top UK lenders. So, you can find a lender that is willing to lend regardless of your credit record. In fact, we focus more on your present financial condition and repayment capacity than your past records. Some direct lenders, however, may want a guarantor. Still, many of them offer access to an unsecured loan for 6-month repayment tenure.


People seeking a 6-month loan are in dire need of money. So, our allied lenders make use of mobile technology and online safety tech to streamline loan processing. Everything is done online, even when you have a poor credit score.

Mostly yes. Emergencies take place rarely and so PDLN offers you access to such instant loan options any time. Many of our allied lenders are aware of this urgency. So, you can get access to loans without delay.