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Direct Lender Long-term loans are generally taken from lenders directly rather than approaching a 3rd party. Direct Lender Long-Term Loans are paid off over an extended time period of a year or more. A long-term guaranteed loan involves borrowing a sum over a specified time period with pre-payment schedules. Based on your existing credit score, you may get approved for a long-term loans from direct lenders. With an extended time to make the repayment, you will have to pay a lesser amount every month. Long-term loans make a reasonable option for most people.

With Payday Loans Now, you can now get a long-term personal loan from direct lenders even with bad credit. You don’t even need to have a guarantor for a long-term loan, an alternative to a payday loan. We consider all your finances when you apply to us.

Once you meet our repayment and eligibility criteria, we will find the best available loan option for you. Since our direct lender long-term loans can be repaid over an extended time period, monthly repayment with long-term loans make them more affordable. Those who have lesser disposable income can find this option to be quite helpful.

Things to Consider Before Applying for Direct Lender Long-Term Loans

Before you choose to go for a long-term loan online, you need to consider the following things:

Secured or Unsecured

We can offer unsecured long-term loans from direct lenders so that you don’t have to face any inconvenience whatsoever; however, we offer secured loans as well for those in need of a higher amount. There are direct lenders out there who offer long-term secured loans as well against a car or property.

Requirements of The Lender

Every direct lender has different guidelines when it comes to applying for credits. You need to check whether you meet the guidelines or not before applying. If you are not eligible, your possibilities of getting a loan get reduced. Due to this, your credit score can get impacted negatively. But with Payday Loans Now, you don’t worry about such thing. We offer long-term loans from direct lenders even if you have a bad credit score.

Type Of Interest

Direct lenders often offer a fixed rate of interest. However, some lenders in the market offer variable interest rates too. There is a risk with the variable rate of interest as it can increase or decrease at any time. So, make sure to discuss the best interest rate before you apply. Considering all available options before applying can be the best option.

Repayment Length

A long-term loan from direct lender offers a more reasonable repayment option monthly. You will have to consider what interest you will have to repay. Considering your options can help you in the long-term when you want to clear the loan faster.

Advantages of Direct Lender Long-Term Loans

Basic Application

You can easily apply for a bad credit long-term loan with Payday Loans Now. This is the best option for those who are tired of going to banks and spending their time in long lines. You can apply for a long-term bad credit loan with us through our website. Our online application is simple to fill. You just need to enter your required details and information.

This information can include your name, address, employment details, contact information, and bank details. Make sure you are proving accurate details while filling out the form otherwise your application might get rejected at the end.  


Long-term bad credit loans from direct lenders are very flexible by nature. They help people get the cash they need quickly and without much hassle. You can negotiate the loan duration, interest rate, and amount when you apply for the loan. The better your financial condition and your credit score are, the more flexible terms can be granted to you. Your chances of getting your application approved increases if you have a good background and credit score.

Lower Interest Rate

Because of the longer term, the interest rate of a direct lender long-term loan is lower than that of short-term loans. You should ensure that the rate of interest does not differ and is fixed during the entire tenure.

The final APR is based on many different factors including any collateral used to protect the borrowing or not, the credit score, guarantor if any or not, debt tenure, and more. Generally, the repayment plan is a year or more with long-term bad credit loans. Hence, you get enough time to pay the amount back to the lender on time.

Quick Approval

With Payday Loans Now, you can rest assured to get the money you need in a few minutes once your loan application gets approved. You do not even need to spend the whole day to apply for a long-term loan from a direct lender. The moment you apply, you can get the approval. That is because we process every application immediately. Don’t wait for many days to hear from us.

No Restrictions

A direct lender long-term loan can be easily used for any purpose like buying a car, starting a new business, home renovation, and more. You can take a loan for 1 year to 20 years from us. We can be the best provider for you as we have the best loan interest rate, and other terms and conditions.

Tax Benefits

The rate of interest of a direct lender long-term is tax-deductible as well. With regular repayments, you can get benefits of flexible and helpful budgeting. This is because a set amount will have to be paid every month based on your loan terms and conditions.