Money Saving Tips For Newbie Parents

A new baby can set back a family to the sum of £15,000.00 in additional expense each year. This can be a really big burden to a family on a shoe string budget, and may cause you to have to take out a payday loan online. As a newbie parent, my hubby and I had to make adjustment in almost every aspect of our lives. That includes work schedules, toys, couponing, and other possible money saving campaigns we can commit to. We have found some other ways new parents can slash the numbers off and still make sure the baby’s needs are properly attended to.

Purchase coed clothes.

If you wish to have another baby soon, this will save you tons especially when it comes time for hand me downs for your new baby. Stay away from colors that are specific to gender like pinks and blues, instead go for coed colors such as yellows and greens.

Buy conventional strollers at half the price.

Buying strollers at half the price will save you a lot. Do not be too brand conscious, it is after all the safety that matters.


Breastfeeding is not only best for your baby, but it is a lot cheaper than buying infant formula. Make it a point to buy a breast pump so you can store your breast milk, so you will not miss feeding time.

Create your own baby food

Create your very own baby food instead of buying one. You can puree any vegetable or fruit that you like. It is easy and it will help your kid eat healthy and nutritious food each meal time.

Look for a house when on vacation.

While on vacation, find a house to rent instead of staying in five star hotels which can get very expensive. This will greatly help cut down on restaurant bills and parking, etc.

Be your own hairstylist.

Be your own hairstylist, instead of spending tons on your hair, you can DIY it and save more.

If you can, avoid childcare expenses.

Childcare can be one of the biggest hit in the family income. If you are a working mom, ask your employer for a more flexible schedule. See if you can work the difference in hours or if working at home be possible.

Do not Prematurely send your kid to preschool.

Never prematurely send your kids to preschool. At age 2, your kid will not be able to learn a lot and absorb everything in a school environment, plus you will end up spending thousands in preschool tuition fees. Turn your home to a conducive learning environment that will help stimulate your children.

Make Meaningful gifts.

Gifts need not be expensive, they have to be meaningful. If a friend has a baby, you can send them a home cooked meal or you can offer to babysit for a night or so. You can also consider recycling old gifts and turn that creative juices flowing to recreate a beautiful personalized piece.

Always Bulk Buy

Always bulk buy. Bulk buying is guaranteed to help you save money on supplies. Join the diaper club on Amazon, or be a member of the savings club at your grocery store where you can take advantage of bulk offers that are sure to help you bag in that savings.

There are several ways you can save money as a parent, these are just a few, however be creative, it is always what being a good parent is all about. Don’t forget to also enjoy the moment; it’s fleeting by the way.

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