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Payday Advances Now “More Secure” – What Has Changed and What Has Not

A clampdown on payday lenders implies that fewer individuals bombarded with charges and the charges are presently lower – yet the job is far from being over. The extent of payday loans clients bombarded with additional charges on their debt has fallen since the launch of a clampdown, and research commissioned by individuals from the […]

Research Suggests Payday Loans Safer Than Ever

While no loan is ever truly “safe,” payday loans in particular have a reputation for being more dangerous than other lenders. But is it earned? According to a report commissioned by the Consumer Finance Association (CFA), the percentage of payday loan customers suffering additional charges on their debt has sharply fallen since the launching of […]

New research has shown that many high street banks are charging a lot more for unauthorized overdrafts on accounts than the interest charged by payday loan providers. Payday loan providers are regulated by the FCA, and in many cases they work out a lot cheaper than dipping into an unauthorized overdraft given by a bank […]

Payday Loan Scams 123,400 Of Customers

After making unauthorized withdrawals from customer accounts; CFO Lending was called to court after being investigated for fraudulent activities, as well as, harassing their clients for debts to be paid. The company is now ordered to repay 34million to those that they had stolen money from. The Payday Loan Shark, which is the company that […]

Banks Are Breaking the Backs of the Financially Vulnerable

Our High Street banks have been forcing extravagant overdraft charges on clients for a long time. Despite the fact that the financing costs at which banks borrow cash are at very low, they choose not to pass on that advantage and keep on ripping off individuals with high charges for unapproved overdrafts.

How Social Enterprises Are Challenging Payday Loans Companies

Fair for You is a community interest organization that gives low-priced cash loans to UK’s low-income families. Its chair Ben Reid trusts that social enterprise can be an effective alternative to payday loan lending organizations, yet it needs backing from the government and private social investors. Why are the people in charge doing little to […]

Social Enterprise .. The End of Payday Loan Companies

Fair for you, a interest community company that has been providing low budget loans to United Kingdoms lowest class families. Ben Reid, the chairman of the company, believes that the social enterprise is an successful alternative for these families compared to the traditional payday lenders, however they are needing support from the government and investors […]

The Wong-a-way!

More than 250K Wonga customers were charged an unjust amount while sorting out Wongas issues. Data Breach Customers were charged up to 55p per minute after Wonga fell victim to hackers and customers lost vital sensitive details in the data breach. The hackers made away with customers address, bank details and phone numbers.

Recent Payday Fraud Activity And How To Protect Yourself

A warning was issued by the FCA in regards of a firm that is believed to have been providing financial services and/ or products in the United Kingdom without its authorization. Located at 36 Bolton Street, Lancashire; A company called G R Ranking Limited – trading as paydayloan.co.uk, is claiming to be the number one […]

Shocking Trend As Punters Borrow Gambling Money

At last, the Grand National is happening this weekend, and it is a 100% British institution. Indeed, even the people who hardly ever gamble through a bookmaker do consider putting down a bet or joining the workplace sweepstake for only a day. However, while to the vast majority it is a tad of fun, the […]

Nurses applying for Payday Loans

New studies have shown that the amount of nurses applying for payday loans has shot up in recent years. After Theresa May’s well publicized press conference where she refused to discuss why many nurses were having to make ends meet by going to food banks so that they could feed their families, the spotlight has […]

Wonga customers may be compromised

Have you ever taken out a payday loan from Wonga? If so, your information may have been compromised. The firm suffered a serious data breach by hackers, and the personal details of many of their customers who lived in the North East of the country are at risk. All these customers have been emailed to […]

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