Mother of terminally ill child surprised by Pay Day Loan company

Ca$h for you called Kelly Tugnett back, a day before her loan was due but not all was as it seemed. When you think of a Pay Day loan company the words kindness and compassion aren’t normally on the list as they generally have a bad reputation, such is the industry they are in.

Financial problems

Imagine having to scrimp by to pay for your little ones medical bills is one thing but having to take out loans and juggle money around is another. Kelly told CTV she didn’t even have enough money to buy him the diapers he needed. In fact there are a number of Americans that can’t afford to keep their family and have to rely on extra help from the state or pay day loans. On top of this as a single mother, Kelly has her terminal son and other children to think about. No one can even begin to imagine the stress she is under. Check out fillable 1099 misc form 2018.

Special Little Boy

Jackson was diagnosed with an aggressive and malignant form of cancer when he was six months old, he is now five. This brave little man has had both his bladder and is prostrate removed. While it isn’t well known, there are rising numbers of children diagnosed with cancer and among boys, prostate cancer. In 2013 a study was finding if their was a correlation between tall boys and the development of prostate cancer in the future (part of the childgrowth2cancer project).

Jackson despite his set backs and hospital visits, lives like any other little boy and enjoys a range of sports, playing in the park and generally being ‘one of the lads’. He remains positive and enjoys every day as they come. Unlike other boys his age he has to wear diapers on account of his bladder being removed but it doesn’t stop him doing the things he loves.

Toronto Blue Jays

Kelly happened to mention to the pay day loan company staff (ca$h for you) about her tough financial situation and her little fighters love for the Toronto Blue Jays. Thanks to a charity group, Jackson will be attending an upcoming game and the little ballpark chaser can’t wait.

The Toronto Blue Jays are a Canadian professional baseball team in Toronto, playing their home games at the Rogers Centre. During the season they will be wearing special uniforms to mark the 150th Anniversary of Canada.

Hope for the human race

When the struggling mom returned to the pay day loan office she feared the worst and wasn’t prepared for the surprise they had installed for her. The staff had gone out of their way to fill a special basket for her special boy, full of Toronto Blue Jay paraphernalia. Including a shirt, a hat, a bat and ball. Not only had they equipped the little dude out with everything he may need, they also provided Kelly with a gift card to cover the costs. To say Kelly was shocked would be an understatement. She was quoted saying how it shows there are good people in the world and how an act of kindness like this can make a huge difference to peoples lives.

The staff at C$sh for you were blown away by Kelly’s upbeat and positive nature despite the difficulties she faces, one staff member recalls having tears in her eyes as Kelly told her a little bit about what was really going on. Kelly describes the act as beautiful and still remains shocked but the manager of the company said she felt a special connection to Kelly and wanted to give her something special.

A truly moving and inspirational story, have fun at the game Jackson.

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