Tips on helping you keep track of your scheduled payments

We all have expenses to pay, but sometimes they catch us by surprise. Some months we have more to pay than we planned for. Maybe there was an unexpected expense or we just missed a payment by accident. Whatever the case, sometimes you need to make a payment right away your pay cheque just isn’t due soon enough to cover it. A payday loan may be the solution you are looking for.

How Fast You Can Receive the Money

If you were to take out a loan from the bank, how long do you think you would have to wait to get your money? Would it be days, or even weeks? You have to be interviewed and have your credit history checked and go through an approval process. Depending on the size of your loan and your situation, this can take a while.

You may not have time to wait for the bank to approve you, and you may not even be sure that they will approve you after they check your credit history. But a payday loan works much faster and requires a far less involved approval process.

At Payday Loans Now, we offer Leeds customers instant approval. After your application is filed, you can have money in your bank account as fast as 15 minutes. So no matter how quickly that large bill snuck up on you and how soon you have to pay it, our payday loans can offer the instant solution you need. There is no need to go to the bank and wait for the chance to have a loan in a few days.

Why You May Need Payment Fast

We can’t always prepare for the expense we have to pay for. An emergency can give you a medical bill you were certainly not prepared for. And an accident can give you a larger than normal car insurance bill. These are things we cannot always plan to have money on hand for.

And sometimes we forget about these expenses and they come back to surprise us only days before they are due. There may not be time to go to the bank and wait through all the approval process to get the money you require. You may need that cash fast. This is particularly true if you have a busy schedule and you don’t have a chance to go to apply for a loan.

But our service allows for you to apply online, from the convenience of your own home. You can fill out your application in minutes and have the money deposited directly into your bank account only minutes later. That saves you time and a lot of hassle, and you get the money you require almost instantly. There is no other way to get that kind of money so quickly and with so little fuss.

And what happens if you fail to pay your bills on time? If you haven’t experienced it before, then you should know that many bills can become exponentially more expensive over time. As you edge past the due date, you can accrue higher interest rates, additional service charges and poor credit history.

All of this will put you into a financial hole and make it harder for you to dig your way out. Don’t allow yourself to be put there just because you don’t have the cash on hand right now to pay your bills. Instead, you can take advantage of our payday loans service.

With Payday Loans Now, you can pay off your bills before they are due and avoid all the additional costs that would be required of you. And our Leeds customers can enjoy the most competitive rates in the area. You won’t find better pricing or faster, more convenient service anywhere else.

And best of all, we make sure you know exactly how much you are paying upfront. We never hide our fees or sprang charges on you that you were not expecting. We make sure all our customers are aware of exactly what rate they will be paying and when it will be due. All of our loans are kept at a flat fee based on how much you are withdrawing. Your credit score and employment have no bearing on how much you will pay.

You simply pay the one flat fee and the original loan amount within the payment period. The period for a traditional loan and the fee is usually one week. Our contracts are for 90 days, however, which means you have that long to pay back the loan and any additional fees you may accrue.

Are you ready to pay off that bill? Or do you just need a title extra cash to last your until payday? Then fill out the loan application on this site to get the cash you need right away.

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