Tips on How to maintain a healthy credit score

Is Your Credit Holding You Back from the Loans You Need?

The financial choices you make affect your credit history. If you pay a bill late or default on a loan, your score goes down. As you pay off debt and loans, your score increases. While most people endeavour to pay their bills on time and keep their credit score high, many people come into hard times where they cannot make their payments and fall behind on their financial obligations.

A low credit score can keep you from being approved for loans. If you were to apply for a bank loan with a low credit score, the odds of you being approved are not very good.

Your only recourse may be to try for a payday loan.

Don’t Be Held Back by Your Score

When Newcastle residents apply for a loan from Payday Loans Now, they don’t have to be concerned about their credit score. It simply is not a factor that we look at when we examine an application.

What we are looking for is proof that the applicant has a job and that they are over 18 years old. Your history and your credit score are not a part of the loan approval process. You don’t have to fear applying for a loan just because your credit score is poor.

While you might not be able to go to a bank to get proved for a loan, you can always come see us, no matter what your credit score is. That’s because the obligation tends to be much less with a payday loan. There is less responsibility involved because we are working with smaller loans and truncated schedules.

When we approve a loan, we typically expect to be paid within a week or two. With a bank loan, the timetable is often much larger. They have to worry about whether you will still be employed by the time your loan is paid off, and they have to ensure that you will pay annual interest rates accrued on the loans.

But our loan contracts only last for 90 days. During that time, there will be additional charges, all of which will be explained to you ahead of time. If you only wish to pay the flat fee rate, then you can pay back the loan within the initial payment date, which is usually one or two weeks, depending on the size of the loan.

Don’t Let Your Credit Control the Size of the Loan

When a bank considers how large of a loan they can approve for you, they are looking at several factors. They have to consider your current pay, your financial obligations (what bills you have to pay) and your credit history. All of these factors tell them how likely you are to make payments on time and how likely they are to receive the money that they lent out, plus loan fees.

If they are not entirely happy with what they see when they examine your finances and credit score, then they may reduce the size of the loan they approve you for. They will want to reduce the risk that they put themselves at.

But at payday Loans Now, we don’t worry about the kind of credit history our Newcastle customers have. Once again, the short terms of the loan work to your advantage. The amount of the loan is decided by your current pay.

And because our approval process works so quickly, we don’t have time to look into your history or consider all the obligations you may be balancing. Our approval process is often as short as fifteen minutes. In that time, we are usually just comparing your income to the size of your requested loan. If it appears that you can make the loan payments on your current income, then we will approve you for the loan.

It is a simple process that allows people to apply for loans more freely. They don’t have to feel like their credit rating is holding them back, and they can get the funds they need right away. This is great for us, because it means more people will be giving us business.

And it’s great for our customers because they know that we will likely approve them. And they know that when we approve them, the process will be fast, and they can receive their money in very little time.

If you are tired of your credit history holding you back, and you need money without all the hassle, then you should apply for a loan with us. We offer the fastest service and the most competitive prices, making us the best choice for payday loans for Newcastle customers.

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