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Direct Lenders with No Brokers

It can be a struggle when you’re looking for direct lending, and to avoid brokers in the process. Brokers give direct lenders a bad name. The fast cheap cash you’re seeking is always delayed, because they cannot give you an offer. They will do one of two things — either they will sell your “lead” to real lenders, causing you to get many contacts from various companies (which is not in your best interest).

Or, they will shop your information around to the highest bidder that gets themselves the most money, (not the best deal for you). For this reason, many people try to avoid brokers. Apply with us today and have fast cash in your bank account within minutes, even if you have bad credit.

Payday Loans Direct Lender Benefits

We believe there are many benefits associated with payday loan direct lenders when compared to services offered by a broker. Most people would prefer lenders not brokers. Brokers encourage you to fill in details on their site. Then they hand these details to lenders for a fee either be paid by you, or the lender.

Payday Loan No BrokersAmountAccepted
Payday Loans No Credit Checks No Brokers£100
Direct Lenders No Brokers£200
Get a Loan With Bad Credit£300
Bad or No Credit OK£400
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Direct loan lenders no brokers
Get a loan with bad credit no brokers
Need a cash loan today bad credit no brokers
No credit check no broker payday loans
No credit check no brokers
No debit card direct lenders

There are many lenders and they usually appear when you do your research. Right away, you are given the option of choosing one or two lender. How will you actually know which is the best? This article will help you find and select only the best lenders to do business with. Here are 7 things to look for in a website:

  1. Lender, or broker?

This is where to start: companies should have an area in their website that says, “About us”. A reliable lender should display that they are registered lender without any hesitation. Registration information is usually placed within the footer section of a website.

  1. Internet presence


As you scroll through a certain website, what are your impressions about the site? Do they look professional? What message do they want to communicate? These are the essential questions that you should ask about any online source. Consider using PDLN because we do not perform checks on payment history.

Contact information

A reliable direct loan company displays their contact information. Basically, borrowers want to find a physical address of the registered office together with their opening days and times. Furthermore, there should be a contact telephone number, fax number and email. This detail is usually found under the “contact us” page.

Tip: It is better to ring the contact number given by the website to ensure that a human being actually answers it and they can make reference to the institution in question. If you are directed to an answering machine – that is a vital issue you should be concerned.

You have to be concerned once an online lender place neither a contact number or physical address on their website. If they are legit and reliable, they shouldn’t hesitate to put their contact details for all to see.

  1. About this type of lending

How much money can you borrow?

Determine how much you can borrow. The best companies typically state the minimum and maximum amount they offer. Be aware of the maximum amount of loan they offer for first time borrowers. If you don’t see any information about the amount they offer, proceed to the frequently asked questions or FAQ section.

Charges and fees

The charges and interest fees for borrowing must be visible. Many websites display the fees and charges that is associated. Aside from that, you should look for late payment fees and default charges – usually you can find this information on the FAQ section.

Repayment schedule

Many lenders would opt for debit card when collecting payments. There are others that will set a debit card from your checking account. Examine and settle what method will the company use to gather payments from you.

  1. Application

Criteria for the loan

When going direct, with no brokers — the lending criteria has to be readily accessible for the borrower to review and determine if he qualifies. Otherwise, if you’re using a broker, you’ll notice they simply collect your info. They do one of two things with it, either they will shop it around to payday loan companies and find the best deal that makes themselves the most money. Or, they will sell your name to a number of many different lenders and you will find yourself contacted by them all (even long after you’ve already decided to get a loan from somewhere else and no longer need their service).

Application procedure

Next is the process of application. It should be clearly evaluated and stated in the website. You have to know what you can expect from this part of the application. Determine whether the application can be done online and how long will it take before the notification of approval is given. Check to determine if you need to submit documents through email or fax. There are loan companies that prefer the application process over the phone.

Lastly, determine how many days will it take for the loan to be sent to your account after it has been guaranteed approved. There are fast transactions and BACS transfers that takes only 3 days and they are free from charge.

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Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to