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Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk

Brand New Loans for Bad Credit in UK

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Get a payday loan now by clicking the “apply” button above. What are payday loans? They are small loans offered without security, which are typically paid back from your employment cheques. If you are employed and are in need of emergency funds to resolve unforeseen bills, apply for a loan today.

PDLN offers new payday loans to people in the UK who need fast cash. Are you short of funds, have a pressing bill that needs resolved immediately, but your next pay cheque doesn’t come quickly enough? We can assist you with your short term money crunch and give you the opportunity to get back on your feet again.

There are many reasons why you can find yourself short on cash. If your car breaks down or there’s an emergency, storm damage or any number of other possibilities, these situations can wreak havoc on your budget. Even those who are wise with their spending and create proper monthly budgets can find themselves in need of help from an outside source.

New Payday LendersAmountAccepted
New Payday Loans£100
New Payday Loan Lenders£200
New Loan Lenders 2017£300
Brand New Direct Payday Lenders£400

Some people rely on friends and family in such situations, but not everyone has that option. In cases like this, getting a loan can meet your needs and may be the best option available. If that is your situation and you’re looking for a solution to an immediate cash flow problem, we are here to help! Please continue reading to see the various options we can assist you with, to help you with your finances.

As you search for the best deal, you’ll notice many different sites. Some of these will represent new direct lenders, such as ourselves. Other websites merely collect your lead information and then sell it to other direct lenders. After shopping your details to several lenders, they’ll come up with several offers that you qualify for. When that time comes, chances are they will have you select the one that they make the most profit from, instead of the one that is the best deal for your situation.

Brokers add extra time to the process of finding an acceptable deal, and the end result is typically higher cost with additional broker fees. However, with PDLN, you are getting a new loan direct from the source of the funding.

We have two types of lending. The first is considered unsecured for bad credit — and is typically a smaller type that isn’t backed by any kind of collateral. The fees for that type of borrowing are significantly higher than if you were to use secured lending. For that option, we offer mortgages and new lending.

Our logbook option involves you owning something of value, such as a vehicle. Whatever it is would normally be something we could place a lien on. In exchange, we give you a logbook which has pay stubs that you would tear off and submit on a timely basis with your pay cheque, be it weekly or monthly. After you send in your last payment, the lien is removed and the debt is resolved.

While it sounds like a hassle to go through, this provides a more secure environment for the lender and thus allows them to reduce the fees or interest rate of the new loan. In other words, the cheapest you can receive for a short term an amount that could last weeks or months.

On the other hand, if you want to borrow even more money and have even less interest — a mortgage is the way to go. This is the safest option for the lender and as such, the interest rate would be the lowest available.

What kind do you need for your situation? Click apply today and our financial experts will walk you through the process of getting new quick cash forwarded directly to your bank account within minutes.

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You will need to be over 18 and a UK resident with a valid UK address. You must also have a monthly income (from benefits or a job) and a UK bank account.

Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk