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Personal Loans for Bad Credit from Direct Lenders

Personal Loans

We are a leader in offering the best value on personal loans. Our application process is simple and conducted entirely online. If you need cash quickly, without delay, we encourage you to click that button above and get started. You can have money wired to your bank account within minutes after submission. Chances are, you would like to more about our process and if that is the case, continue reading below.

The challenge of getting lending is finding the one that you can get the fastest, and that costs the least. We can help you with both of those issues. Regarding getting one quick, your funds will be available within minutes of sending your application with qualifying information. About the cost, our APR rates are listed on our homepage — you can review them and see that we have the cheapest when compared to our main competitors. In fact, their interest rates put them at over 1000% APR, whereas ours are much cheaper.

Short Term Personal Loan

A factor to consider when selecting the right provider is to go directly with the source of funding. There is another entity in the industry known as a broker. Brokers will work as a middleman between you and the lender. This adds time to the process. Also, often brokers will be more expensive — because when they are shopping around your details to find a direct lender to purchase your contract, they want the one who will pay the most. The one who pays the most typically can do so because they charge the most. This puts you in a position where you are paying the largest fees. It’s best to just say no to brokers.

People who find themselves needing a payday loan are the same who need the most affordable fees possible. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a vicious cycle of debt that is hard to escape. Be certain that you are dealing with a direct lender.

Now that we have discussed the biggest issues when trying to qualify, (cost and speed), let us cover a few points about this type of lending. Why is it so expensive? It is because they are an unsecured loan. That means that no collateral is expected from the borrower. With nothing to secure in case of non-payment, the fees skyrocket. Normally, someone with excellent history wouldn’t bother — as they could get cards or some other cheaper interest one. A final aspect that this kind of borrowing includes is no credit check.

Bad Credit Personal Loans

Many people shy away from borrowing, even when they really need the cash, because they realise they have bad credit and wouldn’t otherwise qualify. We do not even check. Therefore, if you have poor credit (even no credit) — we can still help you and get cash to your bank account within minutes.

Not everyone should be a candidate for this method of lending. The main criteria is having an emergency. Being in a financial crisis should be the only reason you attempt to obtain instant loan direct lenders. The reason is that they are extremely expensive.

Most of us get into financial crunches from time to time. When that happens, some of us have people to rely on, friends or family, who can help us through that hard time. Others do not have anyone else to rely on. For those people, it makes sense to get a loan — even considering the elevated interest rate. Whether your car has broken down and you need to repair it to get to your job, or some other emergency where you simply have to spend money because there is no other option — short term loans fill in the gap and help you make ends meet during a difficult time.

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You will need to be over 18 and a UK resident with a valid UK address. You must also have a monthly income (from benefits or a job) and a UK bank account.

Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk