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Choosing the Right Loan Alternative

When choosing an alternative loan service provider, we want to get connected with the safest, most reliable and viable lender. Getting a loan can be frustrating with all the complexities that come with it, and while we want to get our quick cash for emergencies, we also want to find the right providers for us.  We will be you perfect choice of Piggy Bank Alternative!

Make Up Your Choice For Loan Alternative

There are thousands of loan alternative providers in the UK, and choosing the best one can be confusing. Many of these sites offer various deals, terms and attractive campaigns. The market is very saturated and one can easily get stuck in the deliberation stage. The best direct loan alternative to connect with should be one that keeps things plain and simple.Your loan alternative site should be able to understand your present financial emergency and situation. They should not let borrowers undergo even more challenges of complying with impossible requirements. Some direct lenders can be very strict with their requirements and will ask for a lot of documentation if you apply for a loan (money). Most of them also have a set of loan services that every borrower must conform with. 

Loan alternatives providers works as your text loans no brokers to find the most suitable lender that will be able to accommodate your application. This is so much better than applying for direct same day loan lenders with very rigid T&C. One of the best things about getting a loan alternative personal accounts is that you are free to choose most of the details of payments and repayment and the amount you need for your emergency. On the other hand, it is also very important to note that alternative loan offers are intended to assist people to manage their financial emergencies. It is not recommended that you join for an alternative direct lender easy loans and lend money which will be used for non-emergency expenses.

How Does Payday Loans Compare?
Bad Credit Loans Why Use Us?
How much can new customers borrow?Up to £5,000No fees, ever
What are the repayment terms?3 – 24+ MonthsNo paperwork
Representative APR292% pa (variable)No obligation quote
Can I apply with bad credit?YesInstant decision
Do we credit check?*NoNo credit footprint
Can I repay in instalmentsYesFlexible repayment
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We are FCA authorized!

As we said, people want lending partners which are safe, reliable and viable and it is a must that you get your loan from FCA authorized institution. Lenders who get this authorisation are surely committed to having safe lending and responsible practices. Alternative loan provider with FCA authorisation is also known to provide safe and efficient services that are regulated and monitored by the authorities. The FCA has introduced new regulations designed to keep borrowers safe from abuse when they apply for loans from payday and loan alternative companies. These rules are customer-focused and ensure affordable and ethical lending practices for everyone. 

  • The cap on interest rates at 0.8% per day – this will ensures lenders not to charge unfair interest rates/fees
  • Now never have to pay back more than double borrowed amount
  • Customers are always at the First place

What Makes Us Different?

Loan alternative sites have various offers and they all treat borrowers differently. The most basic difference of loan alternative providers from direct lenders is the flexibility of loan amount offered and the repayment. Most bank loans have a fixed loan amount offers ranging from £100 to £1000. With us, you can try getting a loan from £50 to £1500. We will endorse you to our lenders who can accommodate your needs and be able to provide you with better choices on your loan amount for your personal account. Should you need a bigger amount to borrow, our lenders will assess and validate your capacity to pay before they will approve your loan application.

Flexible Repayment Terms

Another key difference in getting your loans from loan alternative providers is the amount of time that you are allowed to repay the loan. In most cases with direct lenders, you will be given set repayment which can range from 5 months to 24 months. But with the right loan alternative site, you can determine how long you want your repayment would be as long as it meets the maximum period allowed.

Why You Should Go for Lenders with Responsible Lending Practices?

Ethical lenders adhere to responsible lending practices to avoid abusing borrowers and to respect their rights. With the help of lending authorities like the FCA, lending and financial institutions have significantly improved their interest charges and rates.

Years ago, this is not the case and there horrible stories of companies taking advantage of the borrowers. Choosing loan alternative providers who take ethical lending practices to heart will ensure that customers are served with honesty, clarity, and transparency from the start until the end of the loan. You can be confident that the company will not overcharge you or get you with lots of hidden charges. The fees and the charges will be presented and discussed at the start of the application before you are approved of your loan.

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What is the Annual Percentage Rate with Piggy Bank?

The Annual Percentage Rate application to loans is a standard practice in the payday loan industry. Before applying for a loan, borrowers should understand what this means and find the most competitive rate for their desired loan application. This means that if you take a loan with very low APR, then you will be paying a lot less each month. to get a loan with us and we will help you find lenders with the best APR rates for your current banking situation and your monetary needs.

Why Us? Choice Of Your Alternative Loan Needs?

There are numerous alternative loan providers besides Piggy Bank that you can find online, each one claims to offer the best rates, services, and deals. But borrowers today are more responsible and smart when it comes to joining and getting loan alternatives. The right kind of provider is one that offers unparalleled service, competitive APR and is known for their ethical lending standards. These factors such as Satsuma loans make a loan provider a trusted one in the industry. We believe that with us, you can get the service you want and we can find the best deals for you. Every one of our customers is treated with the same level of respect and strict ethical standards. We want our customers to feel that they have someone to rely on during their difficult economic situation. We want them to feel that they are safe in approaching us and that we will not take advantage of them during this time of emergency. We understand that every situation is different for each borrower, thus our loan alternatives come with flexible fees. Borrowers can determine an amount to borrow which they will be comfortable to repay monthly. We also trust our borrowers to adhere to their repayment terms of choice because they are given the freedom to determine how long they are going to pay for their loan. So why choose us? Our customers are our number one priority and we do our best to ensure that you are provided with the best product or service that will answer all your urgent financial needs! Do not hesitate to contact us and we are here to help you regarding all what you need to know about Piggy Bank and other loan alternatives!

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