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Even if you do your best in budgeting your money, there is no guarantee that things will always work out as planned because emergencies do happen. Emergencies occur when you least expect it, finding yourself in a situation with no extra money to spare. People usually charge emergency expenses to their credit cards but that will work out only if your credit card has a balance on its credit limit. If you already maxed out your credit card because of other expenses, you are in a very dire strait.

Another option to cover an emergency expense is by obtaining a bank direct lender loans only. However, this is not a viable option because even if the bank is willing to extend you credit, it usually takes several days, if not weeks, before the processing is completed. It only shows that in an emergency situation, you cannot rely on the bank for immediate assistance

In an emergency, you can also try to borrow money from your family and friends. But given the economic situation today, these people may not be in a position to help you out in your emergency even if they are more than willing to help. For all you know, you are in the same boat with your family and friends. 

After exhausting all the possible sources of help to tide you over in an emergency situation, the only viable option left is to get a payday loan.

Difference Between A Payday Loan And A Quick Loan

A payday loan is a short term loans, generally £500 or less, that is due on your next payday. Depending on where you live, a payday loan could be accessed through a storefront or through online lenders.

A payday loan is usually paid back in one lump sum payment on the next payday or when income is received from another source such as a pension. The due date is usually two to four weeks from the date the loan was made, or on any date that is specified in the payday quick loans express agreement.

How Quick Loans work

Most payday lenders require a borrower to write a post-dated check covering the full balance of the loan plus applicable fees. Online lenders require borrowers to provide an authorization to electronically debit the funds from the borrower’s bank, prepaid card account, or credit union. If the borrower does not show up to the payday direct lender loans for really poor credit office to make a payment on the due date, the lender will cash the post-dated check or electronically withdraw money from the borrower’s account.

When your application for a quick payday loan is approved by the lender, the proceeds will be made available to you by cash, check, or electronically deposit the money to your bank account, or load the total amount on a prepaid debit card. 

When a borrower cannot repay yet the loan on its due date, he can negotiate with the lender to rollover or renew his loan, which usually comes with the payment of necessary fees. The lender, in return, will extend the due date of the loan. There are cases when a payday loan is structured, allowing the borrower to pay the loan in installment over a longer period of time. The structuring of the loan entails the payment of additional fees.

How to apply for a Quick Cash Loans

Getting a quick cash loan to cover an emergency in the UK is easy. There are plenty of payday loan companies that will help you obtain your much-needed cash in the shortest possible time

Short-term loan companies usually have a bad reputation. Some of them make the newspapers often because of bad business practice. If you hear of the phrase “loan sharks,” it could refer to some of the short-term loan companies that make the life of people who are in dire need of money miserable.

But not every short-term/ long term lender is a loan shark. There are plenty of legitimate payday loan companies that are in business mainly to provide help to people who are denied of bank loans, people who need money instantly to cover a pressing emergency, and people who have bills to pay but the money they expect has been delayed.

If you need instant cash to cover a real emergency, a payday loan company can approve your loan applications and release your fund in a matter of 15 minutes. There are payday loan companies that will give you a loan of as much as £5,000, payable in three to 36 months.

When you should apply for a quick loans online?

The whole idea behind quick loans online is to get access to quick cash. This kind of loan is resorted to by people who cannot wait for the next day to settle their financial obligations. Many of the people who access quick loans have also access to other forms of credit, which usually take time to get approval or to complete the processing.

If you need money today, the answer is a fast loans from a payday loan company. You will receive your money in a matter of minutes. The quick approval of the loan and the release are made possible by an easy application process, which was designed by the payday loan lenders because they understand the importance of getting money instantaneously when one has an emergency.

Quick Loans No Credit Check Same Day

Many payday loan companies make the loan processing difficult because of so many unnecessary requirements, including a credit check which they do not actually run. Payday loan companies that offer fast loans do not run these phoney credit check, which is actually a milking cow for some unscrupulous lenders. A borrower need not make phone calls or fax any documents, all that is needed is to fill out a simple application form, either at the storefront or online and state how much he wants to borrow. He also has to choose on the manner of payment, such as paying the loan in one lump sum or in installment.

A quick loans no credit check same day is a real lifeline for people in an emergency situation. Without the quick loan extended by payday loan companies, these people may be forced to go to loan sharks and make their life even more miserable.

When looking for support in between pay days, due to hospital expenses or mechanical issue with your car, instant loans are available. With lots of online institutions, access them in just a matter of a few hours. The requirements are minimum and the application procedure is easy with options readily available. All you need to do is submit the required documents via online and the funds will be directly sent to your account

How to apply for a Quick Cash Loans

Instant lending can be usually found online, using your personal computer or laptop. Lots of people have no idea where to run when they encounter emergency that demand for fast cash. Using them, obtain the funds you want, without any hassle and stress. We cater to the audience of the United Kingdom. Use our services if you want to borrow from the UK. In the past, you will ask your employer for cash advance that will be deducted from your check, but most employers no longer go by this option. In terms of borrowing from a friend or family, you don’t want to experience the embarrassment of exposing your unstable condition and they might not have a total amount of money that you need.

Many people who encounter these unexpected situations in between pay cheques are already under the pressure of anxiety and stress. When you experience a cash shortage, our loans in the UK will provide you the peace of mind and simple repayment option that is suitable for your budget. Looking for a direct lenders in the UK? We are not direct lenders but can introduce you to one. Since the fees are affordable, you will have the chance to save total amount of cash by borrowing from this method of loan. Determine the penalty charges late fees and calculate how much you can save.


When you are dealing with cash shortage because of unforeseen financial troubles, there is no reason for you to worry because they will take away all the stress and fix your problem right away. When conscious about your negative history, there is a great chance to find fast loan approval and minimal terms, as long as you qualified for all the guidelines. For many individuals, payday loans UK are the fastest way to acquire the funds you need without exposing your bad financial situation.


If you use these options available, get through them using your personal computer or laptop plus a reliable internet connection to go on with the procedure quickly. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to leave your home or office to process the entire loan because it is manageable online. When desperate for instant money, simply head over to the internet and do the loan application process.

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Few reasons why you should choose Paydayloansnow if you want a personal loan, a fast no guarantor loan or you need a bad credit loan:

All you need to do is to follow several steps and the fund can be deposited directly to your account. As a matter of fact, you can obtain the money on the same day of your application process. For many people, the simplicity and convenience makes it the ideal solution to solve any financial issues that you might encounter when payday is still weeks away. It is repayable using your salary and you can easily get over it within a few weeks. No more draining documents to submit and history check because they lend to all types of borrowers, from poor credit rating payment history to no credit. With the right borrowing plan, all your financial challenges will be addressed right away. Please make sure to pay the monthly repayments on time, late repayment can cause bad impact on credit rating.

FAQs about Quick Loans

Yes, you need to undergo a credit check to get a quick online loan because regulated lenders want to ensure whether you can repay the loan or not.

Nowadays, you can find online lenders who do not need guarantors to approve your loan even if you have bad credit.

A quick loan is safe when taken from a regulated and authorized lender. You can check the lender’s FCA registration number to check their authenticity. Visit the FCA website to check the lender’s authorization.

Previously, quick loans without a guarantor were rare. This made it hard for everyone to get such loans. But these days, lenders understand that having someone guarantee on your behalf is difficult. So, whether you don’t want to use a guarantor or you don’t have one, you can get the funds you need with quick loans. So, even those who don’t have good credit histories can now get quick loans.

At Payday Loans Now, we understand the importance of keeping your personal information safe. The protection of our clients’ data is our top priority. We protect our website using updated firewalls and the best anti-viruses. We will never compromise when it comes to the security of our clients’ information.