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It denotes getting a loan for short term from a direct lender as opposed to taking a loan from any third party or broker. A short term loan may be your savior when extra costs or unexpected bills make you see red. These loans help you override unexpected cash crunch situations.

At Payday Loans Now, we help you obtain such short term loans minus hassles. We understand that nobody wants repayments hanging over the head for several years. You may pay back short term loans arranged by us within a week if you wish so. Thus, such short term loans can serve as your safety net. The flexibility of scheduled or early payment ensures you can manage the loan from the point of approval.

A short-term loan fits the bills for people requiring instant cash flow in their accounts a few days ahead of receiving a salary. These are substitutes for a payday loan.

We analyze each loan application carefully. You need not worry even if your credit score is on the lower side. We will get you connected to lenders who are willing to lend money to applicants with below-average credit record. We do not process short term loan requests on a generalized basis. The capability of the applicant to repay the borrowed amount is also analyzed.

At Payday Loans Now, we offer professional services and that explains why we have kept the loan application process simplified. So, you get to know the exact amount you have to pay back and within what time. We are black and white when it comes to the method of operation and that is why we have earned a reputation in this industry.

Your Guide to Short Term Loan from Direct Lender

We offer short term loans. If you’re in a hurry, click apply and get the best deal on a payday loan near me from us today. We can send cash to your account within minutes after you submit your application. The entire process is handled online from the convenience of your home.

Consider this a guide on how to get the best deal as you search for a lender. Many people, when they’re looking for a direct loan, are diligent in dealing with a company that is a source of funding. The opposite of that would be working with a broker. It is important to understand the difference, and you will most likely want to avoid brokers as you seek a good deal.

How To Get a Great Deal

Fees and APR interest rate — these are the things that will decide whether you’re getting a good deal. We offer a comparison between our own interest rates and our main competitors. Hint: we’re way lower. Our biggest competitors are Wonga and Sunny. These two companies have APRs in the 1000+ percent range. Our own rates are far lower. We encourage you to compare our rates to all our main competitors and decide for yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for our short term loan direct lender from our website.

PDLN’s application process is entirely online. You can process your virtual paperwork in the convenience of your home. You do not need to visit our locations in order to pick up your payment. In fact, we wire the funds directly.


How Does Payday Loans Compare?

Why Use Us?
How much can I borrow? Up to £5,000
Chance of getting approved? 96% High approval
What are the repayment terms? 3 - 24+ Months No paperwork
How do I apply? Apply Online 3 min Application
Do I need to pay back a lump sum? No Easy repayments

Short Term Loan

Simple Application

First of all, you need to let us know the amount of money you want to borrow. You also have to tell us a timeline that will be suited for you to pay the amount back to the lender. These details have to be mentioned in the loan application form. We will also ask you to provide some other necessary details including bank account info, income, and expenses, contact details, etc.

Prompt Decision

You will get to know if the short-term loan application submitted by you has been approved or not. We will also inform you in case more information is required from your end. If your short term loan application is approved by the lender, we will let you know about the repayment date.

Make Up Your Mind

After we inform you about the loan availability or ask for more details, the onus is upon you to decide what you want to do next! You can decide if you want to proceed with the loan application or not. You may also choose to wait until we validate all your credentials. Everything can be done in a jiffy and a few clicks are required.

Cash Paid

If you choose to take the loan from any of our lending partners, be assured that the money will be sent to your bank account without much waiting. The process is streamlined and simple. In most instances, the short term loan applicants receive the amount within a few minutes. There is nothing to worry about the process. We have dealt with thousands of loan applicants so far.

What Are You Waiting For?

They are not the most optimal form of borrowing. The fees are high, because unsecured. Recently, many protections have been put in place to ensure borrowers have access to cheap no guarantor loans and have many protections. Though more inexpensive than ever, they are still only advised to be used in emergency situations where you have no other option for quick loans by phone.


Qualifying is easy if you have a job. We’re also interested in lending when you have another source of monthly income. With dependable income, we would like to give you an easy repayment benefit budgeting loans.

We do not perform a credit check. That means you can have bad credit, it doesn’t matter. As stated above, as long as you have a job and a bank account, you qualify.

To get a short term loan from direct lender, you will need access to particular information such as the amount to be borrowed, the repayment duration, your bank details, personal contact details, etc. You can fill up the online loan application form by typing in these details. If it gets approved, the money will be sent to your specified account within a short time. It is less than an hour-typically.

The duration of a short term loan can vary. It can be as short as a week or 6 months. It depends mostly on the capacity of the person to repay the amount. You may even opt for monthly repayment options. As per the financial situation, some borrowers go for early repayments.

Yes, theoretically opting for a short term loan has a positive impact on your credit score. Of course, you have to pay back the borrowed amount within the due date. If you make the repayment within the agreed date, it will help enhance your credit score. This is what many people with inadequate credit score do.

Remember that at Payday Loans Now UK, we offer you all available options upon receiving your completed short term loan application. However, keep in mind if you proceed with a loan offer processed by us, a record of the loan and its repayments will get recorded on your credit score.