What are The Top 10 Payday Loans

There are various types of loans available and sometimes it can be confusing what are the best loans for your needs. So you have to think about what kind of loan is the right for you before looking for cheap loans. Many look for the top 10 loan companies to find the best deal to borrow money. There are lenders where you could borrow money without requiring the need to evaluate your credit history and these are called payday loans. Sometimes it will be hard to determine the facts and reliability with this kind of option available.

The best payday loan will actually depend on the circumstances you are in or you are facing and how much amount of money you want to borrow. Almost everyone experiences where they need money quickly. However, before you start comparing payday loans with short term lenders, you have to check on other alternatives. You can also check on some beneficial strategies like deferring your expenses, borrowing from friends or family, or making a payment plan with your creditors.

To help you with your decision, presented here are the best payday loans with their credit status and size of the loan, for you to have a better idea on what to choose and which lenders are more appropriate to your needs. Also, there are plenty of tips and advice to help you come up with a better decision which is the best personal loan for you. So if you have decided to apply for a short term loan, learn to find the best one. Or the interest rates are all high, try to choose the least bad one. 

Top Loans

Top Payday LoansBenefitsAmount
Top 10 LoansInstallment or Short Term£100
Compare LoansBorrow £50 – £5,000£200
Best Payday CompaniesBest Payday Lenders£300
Loan ComparisonTop Companies£400
Best Online LendersBest Online Companies£500
Top Installment LoansTop Short Term Loans£500

The comparison of the top 10 short term quick loans are not only available for people who have financial trouble. There’s no discrimination intended as most of the borrowers are middle class and many people wanted to access this type of loan. A lot of people have wrongly interpreted this kind of borrowing. They used to see it as a form of a loan with unfair high-interest rates. 

Before taking this loan, understand first what it is about and how it works so you will not get compromised in the end. Short-term loans commonly have 30 days period and offered at a very low amount the same with your paycheque. Since it is a form of unsecured loan, the interest is set high with a short term repayment wherein the initial amount plus the interest should be paid. Imagine what if it reaches beyond one year, then the interest must have skyrocketed. Having the right understanding of this type of loan will help you accept the different interest rates.

What are the pros and cons of payday loans?


  • When you are taking a payday loan, you can get the money immediately after it has been approved. Some online lenders approved the application and transferred the funds to your bank account on the same day.
  • Freedom to use the money for whatever purpose.
  • Bad credit is acceptable. Payday loan lenders accept applications even from people with bad credit histories or credit scores. They are more focused on your capacity to repay the loan.


  • Payday loans can be expensive. Even though it is regulated by the FCA which is capped at 0.8% a day which is £80 per day for every £100 of the amount you borrowed. Many lenders implement this term and charge the maximum.
  • Disreputable lenders. If a payday lender sounds too great to be true, make sure to double-check their offer and if they comply with all the related regulations and if they are legit.
  • Small loan amounts. If you are borrowing from a new lender, you are likely to be approved for a smaller amount.

When you are comparing the loans, you can check on the features of each of them and the following are some of the things you should look for:

  • Eligibility: Try to focus on the area where you can be confident that you will get accepted when you apply. In this way, you can save time and whether you will get approved or you will get rejected, it won’t affect your credit rating.
  • Amount: Try to work out how much money you need to borrow but you have to be mindful that you can afford the repayments every month.
  • Interest: The interest rate will depend on your credit history, different lenders will have different interest rates so you have to look for the best loan company.
  • Time: The longer your loan term will be, the smaller the amount you will have to pay monthly but it also means you will be paying more in interest over time.
  • Fees: Although you think you have found the right lender, you have to double-check as other agencies charge fees if the loan is paid early or you have made extra repayment.


Borrowing should be one’s last resort. Make sure that you have shopped around for all alternative options. Comparing loans will also mean that you can sort and find the cheapest loans that will meet your circumstances. The loan comparison table represents an APR, how much is the interest, and how long it would take for the borrower to pay it back. But before you start to compare loans you must have decided how much you want to borrow. You also have to know how long your loan should be and how much you can pay back every month. Then you can compare different loans with their benefits.

You have to go for payday loans when there is nothing else that you could consider or if you are done evaluating other options. Whether it is quick cash for a vacation, or you have outstanding bills to pay, you can ask help from a friend first or a family. But if there are no other options anymore, you can take a payday or short-term loan as it can be beneficial and will help ease your financial problem. Aside from it is hassle-free, easy, and fast, and you can easily pay them back. But take note that although the best payday loans will provide your urgent need for money, there are various competing payday loan providers out there so you have to compare all these options before considering applying.

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